Dangerous Compassions

don’t touch me wrong

Hey, guess what today is. You have three guesses. Nope, not egg day. Not Thanksgiving, though every day is good for thanksgiving. No, not International Popsicle Day, probably. I didn’t look that up.

Today is the anniversary of the first nuclear bomb test, Trinity Day. In the desert, where my peeps are from, in New Mexico, the government did a weird intense dirty thing that would have terrible consequences, exploding the first nuclear bomb.

The government named the test Trinity. Was the bomb called Trinity, or just the test? The government called the bomb Gadget. Well, here’s the wikipedia article.

I love the desert, my ancestors, trinities and three-ness, trinity knots, triplets, the paradox of God being threefold in Christian mythology. I love all that, really hard!

Yeah, I even loved Trinity when I was a young person and watched the Matrix movie–I drooled and wanted the name for myself or to name my firstborn daughter. The wikipedia article mentions the changing popularity of the name, but doesn’t do justice, in the description of the character.

How I needed the badass lady to help me see how to do something new. I don’t need guns, coolness, whiteness, thinness, or shiny black clothing, but I need to love, be loved, and do it with good mythology-medicine.

I’m feeling this Trinity Day really deeply because Ming and I were in New Mexico earlier this year, to visit where my mom’s mom was born, 30 miles as the crow flies from the Trinity test site. We went there to see where my peeps come from and connect with the land there.

I did a ritual in the cemetery where my ancestors are buried. I talked to Mother God, collected earth in an abalone shell, offered Las Vegas water and a rock and some strands of my own hair. Ming witnessed, stood guard, and sang one of the songs with me.

I’m praying with my whole body today that the horror of nuclear war can depart, asking Mother God to strengthen me to do the work of peace.

Ming and I came here to Las Vegas specifically to do nuclear abolition work. We found a lot to do here, besides that, but our raison d’etre ici is the test site, building bridges with the workers there, doing nonviolence, connecting with the desert, and manifesting Mother God’s love.

This song No Me Toques Mal I’ve been listening to over and over again; it’s all about being steadfastly strong and saying no to violation. It feels very connected to Trinity Day because I hear these young people saying no to hands that lift skirts, and telling a listener not to touch them wrong, to get off their land. Yeah!

Nuclear weapons and war are the ultimate unwanted touch. They violate Mother Earth with megadeath and suffering–short term and long term, pollution, pain, and the fuckton of resourses wasted on killing and destruction.

I’m like–you don’t have the resources to spare. How about you feed, clothe, nurture, house, health care, heal, educate, and provide for the future of all the people of the world, and if you have any money leftover, spend it on killing. We really can’t afford to harm, let alone intentionally, expensively.

But why do you want to? Get with the program, I want to say, to the listener I’m imaging who makes truckloads of money off defense contracts, the labor of poor people promised riches to give their lives to the military, and manufactured reasons for war based on manipulation, fear, and complete misunderstanding of what humans are for. We’re here to make life, not death.

I read this quote every day that I keep on my desk. “Nuclear weapons are inherently dangerous, hugely expensive, militarily inefficient, and morally indefensible.” It’s by a retired four star General George Lee Butler.

I would add to that quote–nuclear weapons are the biggest possible violation of Mother Earth, spiritually wrong, and self-defeating, as we are all One.

Mother Earth has a whole MO of sustaining life and helping all the creatures do what we need to do. Nuclear weapons destroying life is totally contrary to what she’s working toward. Contradicting the projects of Mother God is a bad idea.

I’ll throw my weight around, dancing, to say no to nuclear weapons, and honor my ancestors who got bombed in that test and died for it, treated as of no worth for having brown skin and poverty.

Please join me in doing what you can do to stop all insults to Mother God’s plans. Please stop nuclear war, nuclearism, preparations for nuclear war, and all hate.

As for me, I will dance energetically today, and nurture the rebel witch I am who doesn’t swallow forgetness no more! Then I can take my wellness to do the good work, with you, Friend reader.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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