what about Ming?

Ming is the spouse of Laura-Marie.  They’ve been friends ten years.  He’s brilliant, beautiful, and sixth generation Bay Area Chinese-American.  He’s a semi-retired Registered Nurse.

Ming helps run Nevada Desert Experience with ardent devotion.  He does what he wants to do, and also does the stuff no one else wants to do.  Disabled and cute, he inter-depends with Laura-Marie all day and all night.

He’s a parent to two adults, has narcolepsy and OCD, and helps run the Las Vegas Street Medics.  He lives in community with the Las Vegas Catholic Worker.  He’s a permaculturist and keeps our gorgeous garden growing.

Ming has nonbinary gender and uses he or they pronouns..  He enjoys serving the hungry, meaningful anarchist work, and energizing fun.  One of his main life projects is trying to stay awake.

He also spends a lot of time helping Laura-Marie with her projects, like zine making, feeling emotions, and the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective.

To learn more about Ming, you can watch this Project Sleep interview with him.


Also here’s a review of Ming’s narcolepsy zine With Intention.

You can contact Ming by email.  rkmlai at gmail.