Dangerous Compassions

five branches

I’m taking it easy.  I only slept for one and a half hours, not last night but the night before.  So I’m not over scheduling myself.

The white sage in our community garden plot is blooming.  Ming cut off some of its huge stems for me.  He did the same last summer, and I kept the branches on my desk all that time.  But I replaced them with these new branches. 

We got English muffins at a food giveaway yesterday.  I was afraid they’d get stuck in our 1950s toaster.  But they aren’t.

We got oatmeal but I gave that to a friend because we already have government oatmeal. 

We got baby spinach–hurray!  Already washed, in a bag.  Lunch.

We got bread.  We got whole wheat buns with HFCS in them.  Boo!  E eats veggie burgers but would not accept the buns because of the HFCS. 

Free breakfast this morning was good: egg day.  I ate with two friends I know from the women’s center.  I shook hands with them.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Sorry to hear about your sleeplessness. I hope you can catch up on your sleep soon. I've had some difficulty sleeping, too, and it's so draining.

I love an English muffin. 🙂

Hey, thanks for your good wishes. For me it was just a one-day thing. I remember being so happy when I was able to sleep a full night the next night. Good sleep wishes to you! And yes, I never buy English muffins, so it was nice to get some at the giveaway.


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