luscious links

Please enjoy these projects.  Thank you for caring about what’s important to me and visiting these luscious links.


I like your stims is the new website I made for autistic liberation.

Laura-Marie’s instagram xtrikeslutsx has pics of me trike riding, but many other pretty photos also, with concise, poemy words.


Ecstatic dance, nonviolence, emotional first aid kits are some things I talk about in my youtube videos.  There are also garden tours, mini videos of demolition and ant travel, and the David Rovics interview.

Laura-Marie’s soundcloud has songs I’ve sung by other people, ancient songs I’ve sung in Sanskrit, raps I’ve written, poems, and something discursively informative about the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective.

Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective is my dear project of forming community and making options for more ways of caring for ourselves and one another outside the medical model of mainstream psychiatry.  It’s about freedom, inter-dependence, and learning how to trust and do healthy relationship within a set format.  We’ve been going for five years!


Ming’s etsy has some narcolepsy zines, if you’d like to learn more.

Las Vegas Catholic Worker is where Ming and I live in community and do works of mercy, though we are not Catholic or even Christian.

Nevada Desert Experience is interfaith resistance to nuclear weapons and war.  We do an annual Sacred Peace Walk and protest at the nearby test site, where nuclear bombs have been tested since 1945.  Also, we protest drone warfare at Creech Air Force Base.  We pray well with others.

article on Las Vegas Zines from 2016 that features me and my zines!