who is Laura-Marie?


This blog is by our hero Laura-Marie River Victor Peace Nopales, queer trikewitch extraordinaire. Whatever you observe about me, reading my words, is probably accurate? You see it through the lens of you, your own eyes, at the minimum. You might be wearing glasses in addition.

However you think I am, probably you should multiply it by ten. It gets confusing to consider. Most people overstate, but I usually understate.

I’m like the lady who calls the doctor to say, “My contractions are three minutes apart,” but sounds really calm, so the doctor doesn’t say to come in right away, so she births twins in the back of a taxicab.

In this metaphor, what would the twins be? Two websites, or two zines. I guess you could say I have too many feelings–that would be fair also. But see for yourself, reader Friend.

what I like
  • touching and being touched by humans I trust
  • lying in the half-dark just breathing
  • rest
  • zines
  • plant life vibrant and healing
  • nurturing
  • singing mostly in Sanskrit, but also English and Bengali¬†
  • ecstatic dance
  • riding my trike Bluebird of Friendliness Pure Bliss
  • cooking delicious veg food
  • ideas
  • learning
  • Mother Earth
  • mother energy
  • being out in the desert and taking off my shoes and standing on a cool rock, talking to Mother God
  • activism
  • trying new things
  • change
  • service, works of mercy
  • asking for something
  • giving something
  • helping somehow

Hmm, I love writing, apparently. I give my life to radical mental health, ritual, doing my own things, writing letters and sending mail art, connecting.

into the future, back to the past

Let me know if you’d like a zine, letter, or postcard. I would send something to you.

I used to get arrested regularly. Here’s a little article about one time. https://www.nukeresister.org/2016/09/28/six-activists-arrested-at-nevada-nuclear-test-site/

My favorite time I ever got arrested was immediately after marrying Ming. Please see this video of part of the ceremony.


I’m also a psychiatric survivor, voice hearer, disabled permaculturist, love anarchist, former bassoonist, fat liberationist, compulsive gratitude journal-er, sneaky radicalizer, and lover of dreams.¬†

Come with me to a world where a mouth can kind of be a closet at the same time, relatives are sleeping in a strange place, the water is dirty, and I’m often getting ready for a performance I forgot to rehearse for.


Or just come ride bikes with me.  Love to your journey.