Dangerous Compassions


Hey, guess what.  I was hanging out over zoom with some fantastic anarchists elsewhere.  And we were thinking what to read next.  So I made a list of my favorite things to learn and think about, in an anarchist study group kinda mode.

I decided to share the list with you, reader, in case you would ever like to study with me.

what Laura-Marie likes to study
  1. radical mental health
  2. disability justice
  3. disability and sexuality
  4. fat liberation
  5. unschooling, home schooling, actual learning, education reform
  6. permaculture, disabled permaculture, social permaculture, water
  7. abusers in radical spaces
  8. intentional community
  9. transformative justice, restorative justice, mediation
  10. power in orgs, nonprofits, decisions making in groups, leaders, bullies
  11. resisting capitalism for fun
  12. gift economy, ways of sharing, cooperation, collaboration
  13. street medicine
  14. nonviolence, peace, anti-nuclearism
  15. nuclear testing, fallout, downwinders, Trinity test racism
  16. abortion, herbal abortion, birth justice, parent well-being, baby well-being, kid well-being

I super extra like to look at how art combines with any of the above.  So poetry, visual art, music, meme, spirituality, religion, and humor mixed with any of the above topics.  Especially street art, graffiti, hip hop, and rap as agents of change.


I was at this zoom art workshop yesterday–I was the oldest person there by far.  It was almost all college students.  Oops!  I loved it, though.  They were very nice to me.  I really liked them.  They were Canadian.

It was for doing art about sexuality and mental health.  I originally thought it meant sexuality like in general.  But once I got there, I learned they meant more like queerness.  That’s fine–I love and have queerness.

I wrote a poem about my sexuality which said some things that surprised me.  Also I made a personal meme, based on a common meme format.

What my friends think I do, what my family thinks I do, what society thinks I do, what doctors think I do, what I think I do, what I actually do.  It’s a cool format.

I enjoyed the concepts–I had never much reflected on what my friends think I do.  Usually my friends are pretty accurate, I would imagine?  What society thinks I do, who really cares.

The panel I drew first was the doctors one–it was the easiest.  I’ve thought a lot about how doctors misperceive me.  They think I’m unskilled, I can’t be happy, and I sit around watching tv all day, which couldn’t be further from the truth.   The second panel I drew was the final one of me riding trike, also easy.


Thank you for caring about my idea life and my art life.  You’re nice.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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