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resisting capitalism for fun

resisting capitalism for fun zine

This zine is one of my most requested. I was with Ming on a roadtrip, and we were talking about resisting capitalism. I was making a list of ways I like to do it.

Then I wrote essays about anarchy gardens, compassion, my experiences with intentional community, how I’m a bad anarchist who doesn’t try to collapse society that much, environmentalism for fun.

My friend Karen did the art, adding a whole other dimension. It’s not too long. But I think it’s worthwhile. Made in 2019.

I bring together ideas I’ve had for a long time, things I’ve experienced as a non-Catholic Catholic Worker doing Works of Mercy in community, how gardening really feels to me, freedom.

I’d be happy to send one to you. Especially considering the subject matter, it’s really not for sale. Just let me know how to address the envelope. Half-size, 20 pages, bound with thread. Available by request.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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