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this dyke

There’s a new song by Kimmortal–I love it.  It’s a sexy song called This Dyke.

Wow!  I like the video.  But I adore the song by itself.

The mood is so erotic and nice.  And I like the holy water.  Yes, sacred pleasure and connection with queer energy.  It’s healing.

my femme

Ming looks like a dude much of the time, to much of the people.  So then if I look like a lady, I miss out on being seen as a dyke.

But what am I, inside?  Maybe a fat dyke, or a pagan dyke.  How about a poet dyke?  My femme is pretty middle.

How about an activist dyke.  How about trike dyke.

Is it about costuming or something deeper?  I know costuming can become important.  For many people, the medium is the message.


“Do you think I’m dykey?” I asked Ming.

“Mmmm, no, I don’t think so,” Ming said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“What’s a dyke?  Do you wear black lipstick?” he asked.

“No!  That’s not dykey!  It’s just weird,” I said.

“That’s claymation,” he said.


I think a dyke is a femme gender expectation subverter.  But then you don’t go all the way to non-binary town or dude town.  You stay a lady somehow, while subverting lady-ness.

Yes, it’s magic.  I don’t know how it works.  I think of dykes as more old school, for people like me.  These days maybe a dyke would cross more lines and be more trans instead.

As for lesbians, I never was a lesbian.  I’m 100% queer.  But I probably appeared to be a lesbian to outside observers, while I was holding hands with a girlfriend.


Kimmortal is my favorite rapper these days.  Used to be Awquafina, but I changed.  Kimmortal has justice on the mind.  And I like that lively spirit.

What do you think of the tone of the song?  Does sex feel like that to you?  I’ve never been to a club.  I’m wholesome–sex has never felt desirably sinister to me.  But I’m curious to try it out.

this dyke

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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