interview with David Rovics

On April 21 at 10am pacific, David Rovics will interview me, Laura-Marie River Victor Peace.  Will we talk about radical mental health, fat liberation, peace work, resisting capitalism for fun?  No one knows.  Oh, probably zines.  Probably the test site.

David Rovics is a radical songmaker who does a lot of interviews!  I was watching his interviews on youtube sometimes and thought there were a lot of older white guys!  They would talk about political things that happened a long time ago, books, ideas, injustice.  I thought, “I could talk about important radical stuff too!”

Anyway, it’s happening.  David Rovics broadcasts interviews on youtube but other venues too.

You are cordially invited to view and listen to this interview.  This page is a draft which I will edit to include more facts on how to hear it.  Meanwhile, for the best option I know–this David Rovics youtube channel should get you there, to hear the interview.

Thank you for learning, staying in motion, hearing radical ideas!  I predict it will be lively and fun, and have moments of humor.  Please join us.

interview with David Rovics