interview with David Rovics

David Rovics interviewed me, Laura-Marie River Victor Peace.  We talked about radical mental health, riding trike, Las Vegas, zines.  Helicopters, tools in our well-being toolboxes, police violence against people considered mentally ill.  What a good interview with David Rovics!

I sat in front of a creosote bush that was blooming its vibrant yellow.  We talked about things that are very important to me.  There were funny moments, and we had a great rapport.  It was great to connect from the desert.

David Rovics is a radical song maker who does a lot of interviews.  I was watching his interviews on youtube sometimes–there were many older white guys!  They would talk about their music or writings, and political things that happened a long time ago.  Books, ideas, history, injustice.  I thought, “I could talk about important radical stuff too!”

Being a woman, more colorful, and a little younger I thought would be a welcome change, and I was right.  It was lively and great fun.

David Rovics broadcasts interviews on youtube but other venues too.

You are cordially invited to view and listen to this interview with David Rovics.


Thank you for learning, staying in motion, and sharing radical ideas.  Let’s keep talking about our actual needs and speaking our anarchist truth.