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Hello, reader.  How are you doing?  I realize I haven’t posted here in almost a week, which is much longer than I prefer.  I need to write for my mental health–that is the truth.  And maybe you love us and need some updates!   I want you to know that Ming and I are moving.

Moving is so all-consuming.  Body, mind, and soul.  It had been a while since Ming and I moved, and I sort of forgot how.  By that I mean I forgot what I need.

  • rest
  • downtime
  • space to feel my feelings
  • clear plans
  • kind people to help us
  • prioritizing my health

These basics are so important during times of high stress.

Moving is partly why I’m not writing–there’s no wifi at our new place.  We’re doing a slow motion disabled move, carload by carload.  We’re still in Kalapuya land, at a different community that’s much larger than our previous.

Yesterday an old friend of Ming’s helped Ming carry stuff upstairs, which was very kind.


Also yesterday, a different old friend shared this video that I forgot existed.

I forgot that Rev Felicia marrying me and Ming was even caught on video.  What a windy day.  What sweet words were said.

The video has part of Johnny Bobb’s ceremony interwoven with Rev Felicia’s.

And then Candace’s handfasting was only me, Ming, Candace, and the tree.  But the video includes a visual of a paper Candace gave us that day.

It’s our ten year wedding anniversary this spring, so I’m excited to celebrate in a big way.  I would like to marry Ming again.  We never involved the government.  So we can get married again any time we want to, as real as before.


What is your real name?  Are your alliances legal?  These questions can hurt, sort of like when someone asks Ming “Are you a girl or a boy?”  Or we can be playful and meet these questions with joy.  We can turn expectation on its head, if we have the energy to.

“No, I’m not a girl or a boy,” is Ming’s answer.

My real name is Water.  But that’s ok–my friends call me Laura-Marie or Strawberry or sweetheart.  My real name is Probably.  Or probably my real name is Pleasure.

Maybe my real name is Mystery.  But like all words, we’re just trying things out, right?

My name is not a contract.  But I do promise to blog for you regularly.  Sorry it was a minute.  I love you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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I totally trust your silence. I honor pauses. Dear ones, blessings on this move. May it close the doors that need to close and open the doors that need to open. May it feel like flow.

You are amazing ? various alliances and all. I think I saw video before. Beauty of internet surfing. But I am gonna watch to make sure. In list of top life stressors, moving is one of them. I cannot be a nomad. I am very much a homebody, introvert. Being social is work. What people do for fun on their off days from their job or being with their children, is work. I do professional work pro bono that means I am a free lance intern/ volunteer cuz Stoopid government so ready to take money and benefits from poor people and reward conglomerate grifters who can bribe political neoliberalist political careerists.

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