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love letter

Hello, reader–how are you doing?  I made a video that’s a love letter to my homegirl.  Maybe you would like to watch it too.  I needed to tell her a few things about gender, beauty, God, transness, parts, and how she’s unconditionally valid.

If you watch it, I hope you enjoy.  I made it on the patio of a middle eastern food restaurant here in town.  Wow, I was so happy I made it through the whole love letter without being interrupted.  In Vegas, ten sirens would have clamored by.

I made notes beforehand, so that’s what I’m glancing down at.  I’m happy I said what I needed to say.  These values are important to me.  Intersectional liberation is everything.

Probably my favorite part is toward the end.  I explain how I feel safer when I go out with my homegirl and honored to be near her as she demonstrates that another world is possible.  We can do better than a narrow binary.  I feel safer to have more possibilities of being who I am, and make a better world with her.

The part about being proud of her for making mistakes is important to me too.  Of course for our survival or when we don’t know better, we do wrong.  But I love mistakes because they mean we’re trying new things.  Life involves risk.  I would rather err on the side of making too many mistakes, than being stunted and stuck.

thinking of Trenton

Also I made this art called thinking of Trenton.  It was fun to try something new after spending hours and hours staring at Trenton’s art.

It’s got the reclaimed product packaging cardstock and watercolor background thing going on.  Yes, I do that a lot.  But I tried out Trenton’s style, or part of Trenton’s style that spoke to me.  I’m glad for this first effort.


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