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community is work

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Hello, reader.  How are you?  Community is work.  Ming and I are getting ready to move, so I’m feeling philosophical about human nature, what I need in groups and just in general, interpersonal justice.  How I want my next home to be.

I wrote an essay some months ago by way of introduction, about living here and trying to learn it’s my home.   My favorite part is the ending.


Pleasure is my favorite way to experience God. I’m here to learn what I can in this fat, sacred body, blessed with the opportunity of a human birth.

Radical mental health is my main way of changing culture through mutual aid and true love. I enjoy modeling autistic liberation and can be found stimming to my heart’s desire. Ming and I co-created Disabled Resilience Permaculture. I do disability justice, queer liberation, and fat liberation every day.

I come from a coastal part of California where broccoli and strawberries grow. My parents met working in the tomato fields as teenagers. I need quiet and downtime, as well as aftercare, clarity / checking in, and protein with every meal. Yes, I have deep faith in Parent Earth and trust myself to pay attention, and use the gifts my ancestors handed me to do good in the word.

I believe Mother God nudged me here the way a mama horse nudges the newborn horse baby to stand up and walk. Thank you for helping me show up.

I still believe that Spirit led me and Ming here, to try new things and realize our potential in a new place.  I’ve learned so much and received gifts I couldn’t have received anywhere else.  I’m so grateful for my snake tattoo, friendships, insights, hugs, and all the art I made here– all the ways I changed here.

At the same time, I’m grateful to make a new choice and move on.  Community is work, and it’s not the same everywhere.

There are so many ways to make mistakes.  I hope to try things, take risks, and make some new beautiful mistakes at our new home at the very beginning of March.

dream come true

Can you believe I live in Oregon?  It’s a lifelong dream realized.  There was a time I planned to live in Portland, the zine capital of the world, before I knew Ming.

Portland seemed like heaven to me.  I looked for work there, back when I was a worker bee scoring standardized tests.  But I found no work, gave up, and put my dream aside.

Ming and I live in a small community, but it feels large to stay under the same roof.  There are 13 people? and three cats who live here these days.

Our new place is still community but more like 100 people.  We’ll have our own kitchen and bathroom.  Please keep us in your prayers as we gather things we’ll need and make a new home.  Community is work I’m willing to do, as we try new ways of being.

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By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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