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show at John Henry’s

Hello, reader–how are you?  Ming and I are planning to move, which means a lot to do and so much to feel.  Meanwhile, our closest friend in town Bagonia has a noise show at John Henry’s on January 22nd.  Please come, if you’re around.

Here’s the flier.

show at John Henry's

On my phone I found this flier hard to read.  It’s strange and beautiful, but so busy with textures, layers, colors, and a difficult font.  On my computer it’s larger, and I’m grateful that I can read it better.  I hope you can read it ok too.


My instagram is on this flier because Ming and I are planning to table.  We might offer Bagonia’s merch and some zines of our own, if anyone wants them.

However, the timing isn’t good for my sleep needs and health.  The music doesn’t start till 9.  The show is too late at night for me to last very long.  I’m guessing that I’ll arrive right at 8 and ask someone to bring me home at 9 or 10.

It’s funny that I would also like to become a noise musician now.  It’s like the title of my blog which I chose in 2006 predicted it.  I knew of noise but had no idea I would go in that direction.

It’s funny how so much Mystery is inside of us.  Who knows what will come alive and need to be acted upon.


Noise is not only for strange, awkward autistic people.  I know other types of people can make it also.  But getting that attached to a synth, going deep into MOOG, and finding that much pleasure in weird ass crackly static sounds layered with beats and what happens when we turn knobs with electricity–it’s pretty special.

I’ve seen serious white guys wearing jeans and black teeshirts.  And I’ve seen gorgeous wild haired trans women such as our dear Bag.  Then strange enby people in colorful costuming and lipstick doing the impossible with sound.

Happy to find myself in such company and continue to journey down the path of a life I could never in a million years have predicted.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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