Dangerous Compassions


porch moment

Hello, reader.  How are you?  I was reading about spiders.  They are sacred.  I think of spiders as Mother God in eight legged form.

It’s funny that spiders scare Ming, while they help me feel more safe and protected.  Unless they’re actively biting me, I love them.

What have you been learning about lately?


A spider took up residence in the northwest corner of our room, which is the northwest corner of our house.  It’s big, with long legs, and spun a web it’s been hanging out in for maybe a week.

Yesterday I was like–poor spider.  A fly never comes in our room.  So it had no food.  I thought about trying to bring a fly into our room, for the spider to catch.  Would that make the spider our pet?

Hmm, weird thought, Laura-Marie.  That’s why the government pays me big bucks to be a designated crazy person.  To think these lovely considerations for all of us.

Then I wanted to know how long a spider could go without food.  Wow–the internet said a month or two.


Then the spider moved.  Yes, much time has passed since I started this blog post.  I noticed the spider above my altar.  It was exciting, and I theorized that the spider enjoyed the spiritual energy.

Spiders are great, so maybe the spider could feel my love from the altar glow.  Yes, I keep sacred things there, and spider is sacred, so it made sense to me.

Then more time passed, and the spider was just heading east.  It had been in the northwest corner, and it was funny because I looked up what should be in the northwest corner of a house, and I read something about gossamer things.  I put a silk scarf there also.

questions for discussion

Do you like any animals that many other people dislike?  You know I adore snakes and see them as Mother God also.

Have you had good or bad experiences with spiders?  There was a time I was making ATCs of spiders.  That was a good experience.

What animals are you afraid of?  I’m afraid of mountain lions and small animals that infest, like afraid of rats.

Do you have a favorite spider type?

What types of spiders do you see most often?

Do you think about feng shui or other ways of managing the energy of your space via the arrangement of objects?

Ming and I looked at a trailer at a trailer park where the washer and dryer were right in front of you, as you entered the front door.  Felt weird, but not impossible, as water and cleaning would need to be acknowledged as central to that place.

Would you like to make art of spiders?

If you feed something, does it become your pet?

Would you like any new pets?

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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