Dangerous Compassions


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Hello, reader.  How are you?  I was recently writing that post about a ritual I did, praying for the house.  When I got to the word trespassing, I thought it was tresspassing.

Then I realized my whole life, I’ve thought of trespassing as passing hair.  Like hair is tresses, and we were passing the hair to a place it shouldn’t be.

I started laughing, almost waking Ming up.  He was still sleeping–it was early morning.  I was at my desk at 3am writing, as one does.

Yes, my mind is fun-eeee!  How do you feel about the word trespassing?  Hair is important to me.  As I’m face blind (like many autistic people), hair, voice, and gait are the main ways I identify people.


Hair is also important to me as a witch.  I remember trying a strand of my own hair to my ex-husbands’s parents’ tree, when I was visiting  Minnesota circa 2000.  It was almost automatic, a no-brainer, to bind myself to the homeland of this person I loved more than anything, at the time.

Binding, sealing, wishing, invoking, visioning, casting, blessing, banishing.  Those are some witch words that come to mind.

All disruption, including trespassing, reminds me of witchery.  Many people are trying to make a living in lumpen ways.  You can trespass for love or for money.  Or just talking a walk to the beach, or in someone else’s forest.

I like those paths that cut through someone’s property, but everyone does it.  I like when there’s a rule everybody breaks.

But something bad might happen, and they take back their permission.  Or the property is sold, and the new owners put a huge fence to stop the trespassing.


Hair can represent power, and trespassing can be powerful.  It all makes sense.

Thank you for taking this little journey with me, reader.  Thank you for trusting me to lead you down a path of thoughts.  You are kind, to join me.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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