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how to make beautiful signs

Hello, reader.  How are you doing these days?  I made a new zine:  how to make beautiful signs for demonstrations.

how to make beautiful signs

It’s a mini-zine–one legal size page folded up.   It has some cool ideas–I like it.

How to make beautiful signs for demonstrations had been on my mind for some months.  So I’m glad I finally made it.  Ming bought me some legal size paper, and he loaned me his nice black pen.  Felt good to be creative and get the concepts out of my head onto a page.

It’s brief and not comprehensive, but I’m glad to share some knowledge.  Ming and I have done a lot of demonstrating, protesting, and vigiling over time.  Yes, I’ve been doing it for about 20 years.  So I have some ideas to share.

I’m an artist, and I have an eye for design, in my own way.  So I’m happy to talk about this form of creativity.  So many ways to share ideas and transform culture.

  • signs
  • zines
  • community love
  • fashion
  • monkey wrenching
  • modeling fat queer liberation
  • being kind to children
  • feeding the hungry
  • radical mental health mutual aid
  • singing
  • poetry

Let’s tell the truth to the people we love, in so many ways..

up for trades

I see some hard to read signs and boring signs, out in the world.  There’s no need for that.  We can do better.

Please let me know if you would like to trade for this zine.  I would be happy to send one to you.


Also in the news, I saw some cool stickers on a light post in a grocery store parking lot yesterday.  This one caught my eye because I watched two episodes of a TV show Bob’s Burgers, with my housemate.  That show features this mustachioed cartoon character–the dad.


You know I don’t usually see TV or movies, so it’s a big deal I watched this show with my housemate friend.  Happy to try new things.

I did giggle a lot, and it was fun to ask questions, like if the mom was trans, and why the characters did the things they did.  It was fun to compare the two episodes afterward with Ming and our housemate–which one did we like better.

One of the episodes was set at a school, the school of the children.  Watching that episode and talking to Ming and our housemate afterward, I learned something about myself that I had no idea was true.  The school setting of the show made me anxious.  I really hate school, and/or I’m really scared of school.

So that’s good to know.  Maybe my previous life plan of being a teacher was doomed from the beginning.


Also there was this sticker that might be racist?  But I love tofu, and cyclops is cool.  Being a dog from the waist down is always an option.


Is this from a show also, or the random creation of a random artist?  Hmm, I do not know.

Thank you to artists for helping me have a new idea and a new feeling I never had before.  Thank you especially to graffiti artists for sharing your public art with the people, for free.


I made stickers for my autism blog I Like Your Stims.  There’s a three inch round sticker, and a pink bumper sticker.  I would love to send one of those to you.


Maybe a sticker could be an envelope stowaway with a zine I send to you.  Just let me know.

I like your stims

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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