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reasons to live

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Hello, reader.  How are you today?  I want to show you some reasons to live.

I create this list for a specific friend.  But maybe it could be useful to you also.

reasons to live
  1. hugs
  2. dogs
  3. soaking in a hot tub
  4. stars
  5. tacos
  6. strange dreams
  7. pizza
  8. helping someone
  9. skiing
  10. music
  11. friendship
  12. the desert
  13. storytelling
  14. curiosity
  15. zines
  16. backyard times
  17. travel
  18. learning
  19. your beautiful yellow dress
  20. weed
  21. rain
  22. flowers
  23. sharing an apple
  24. making art
  25. nature time
  26. cuddles
  27. delicious smells
  28. bao
  29. noise / sound
  30. nice truck
  31. your wonderful hair
  32. queer community
  33. soft rug
  34. dancing
  35. glass blowing (did I already say that one?)
  36. birthdays
  37. sex
  38. modular synths
  39. California
  40. permaculture
  41. books
  42. promiscuous pollination
  43. ideas
  44. the library
  45. hippies
  46. space
  47. gorgeous teeshirts you bought on tour
  48. naps
  49. clouds
  50. sunshine
  51. lower pain days
  52. Spongebob
  53. liberation
  54. shrooms
  55. honesty
  56. breasts
  57. the color orange
  58. anything that helps us feel alive
  59. what affirms us
  60. being seen as the valid selves we are
  61. respect
  62. smiles
  63. jokes
  64. Mongolian bbq
  65. tasty things to drink
  66. new possibilities
thank you

Thank you for being in the world and caring for yourself these many years of sweet survival.  I hope to be your friend for a long time.  Wherever you are, your whole life, and wherever I am–this friendship is real.  Even if we lose touch or no longer live in the same town, this slice of time is real.  We’ll always have summer 2023 in Kalapuya land.

Being a person is a lot of work.  Thank you for doing the mundane things like filling out housing applications, running errands, searching for a new phone.

Also thank you for deeply meaningful work, like growing gardens, making art, creating amazing music for the world to enjoy, and going forth in your trans excellence.  You’re a good example of liberation for me and for everyone who knows you.

I’m proud of you for being you, and I think you’re sweet.  In my own list of reasons to live, I include you.

new song


My boyfriend Sufjan Stevens has a new song out today.  I think it’s pretty and relatable.  The video is distrating–I want to hear it many many times just the sound.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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