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clearing my chakras

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Hello, reader.  How are you doing?  I needed help clearing my chakras–two chakras in particular: heart and root.  A while back, I asked for help from someone who turned out to be bad news for me, and it never happened.

Then I asked Ming and a couple other friends.  My dear housemate friend said yes, though they had not done energy work before.

It was a powerful experience, and I wanted to share my notes for the plan, in case you need similar and would like a way to ask someone.  So my notes are below, edited to protect the innocent.

how it happened

Things went pretty much how I asked for.  Incredibly, my anxiety around my heart went way down, after this energy work clearing my chakras.  Wow, I’m so grateful.

Unexpectedly, my anger has been way up.  I feel angry that men left stuff behind near my behind–people who never should have been anywhere near my sacral or root chakras.  I’m angry that culture fails to protect its most vulnerable: kids, trans people, poor people, anyone with a non-standard medical need, anyone other than cis men.

It’s not ok.  I’ve been feeling like destroying shit, on a rampage.

Having this loose anger is a challenge.  But anger is preferable to anxiety.  I need to find good uses for this anger, to help make a better world.

the notes for clearing my chakras

I lie on the ground on my tummy and just rest there for a minute. You sit or kneel beside me and touch my back in a circle for a minute to help me feel safe. Then you touch my chakras one by one, moving slowly from the top.

  • top of my head
  • back of my head for third eye
  • back of my neck for throat
  • upper-mid back for heart
  • a little lower for solar plexus
  • lower back for sacral
  • upper butt for root

Saying hi to them so they can feel who you are, and inviting them to open a bit.

Then you turn your attention to the heart area, and the place between throat and heart. I was silent for a long time, and I hated myself for a lot of what I felt (and still do, at times), so these chakras have suffered a lot of pain.

You could touch there with one or two hands and put love there from yourself. You could imagine it as light of any color, or many colors, or as sound vibrations, or as little diamonds or hearts or some other visual Lucky Charms shape. Smiles.

You could ask Parent Earth for energy and put love there from Parent Earth, ask my ancestors, my mom specifically, art ancestors, disability justice ancestors, transcestors, your well ancestors, the spirit of the place, sunlight, the sky, water, mushroom life, plant life, animal life, and everyone who loves me, to share their love.

Also rainbows, queer survival, community, self-forgiveness, Mother God, Snake Mother, and all that is good.

I would hope around three minutes up to five, if possible, you could put the love of you and others there. Also if you could tell my heart it’s ok, it’s safe, it can let go of what it’s holding that it doesn’t need anymore, and ask it to be nurtured by the love you’re sending. Please imagine energy leaving that I don’t need anymore, that people who didn’t care for me kindly might have left there.


Then down to my upper butt area–I have a fat pad there. Similarly, it can feel congested with energy was left there that was never mine and doesn’t belong. Three to five minutes of love there would help me. If touching the upper butt fat pad doesn’t feel ok in that space or for whatever reason, right above it should be ok too.

Then I would like if you would pause, then touch each chakra place starting from the root and working your way up to my head, asking them to close a bit an saying “see you later” to them.

Then I would like if you could touch my back in a circle for a minute again. At the end, I could rest a minute, and maybe you could pet my hair or teach me what is head scritches for humans.

Then I could sit up and have a small bit of sugar. We could walk home, and I would wish for a hug at the end if possible. And a checkin the following morning would help me a lot.

Thank you for considering this plan. I’m open to revisions etc. I might cry and will hope to bring

  • water
  • tissues
  • blanket or two
  • small pillow or two
  • fruit / candy

I would like this to be mostly in silence. If you needed to check in about something with words, that would be fine of course.

Maybe it would be good if someone could be our security guard. We could invite Ming or some other trustworthy person to be a bit to the side in case any passerby has questions. That might help us focus more on what we’re doing.


Ok, that was the notes for clearing my chakras.  What do you think?  My conclusion: I’m good at asking for what I want and need.  And I’m fortunate that creative friends help me.  With clearing my chakras and otherwise.

I brought some palo santo, which was great to burn beforehand.  It’s pictured with my shoes.

shoes with palo santo

The park was nice–some little kids and caregivers showed up for the playground.  The sound of little ones running around was a welcome counterpoint or slight distraction from the task at hand.

I was surprised that my friend pressed firmly for the first minute or two of putting love into my heart chakra, then backed off for another moment.  Similar with the root chakra.  The firmness at the beginning was a nice surprise.

I felt a lot of grief and cried, with the clearing of the heart chakra.  The root chakra, I was surprised I didn’t cry at all.


Ming told me afterward that he had a moment where he felt called to look over at me and send some love of his own.  He had the sense something important was happening to me, and he wanted to help.

“Did you look at what we were doing?” I asked.

“Yes, I was looking a lot,” Ming said.

He told me that our friend had both their hands on my back at my heart center, and it looked kind of like CPR.


I didn’t get any messages except for a loved feeling from my mom which included the idea that I would not die senselessly.  It was a reprise of a previous message from Mother God– she’s been watching over me for my whole life, and won’t stop when I cross over to the other side.

Just reassurance that I’m on earth for a reason, and I don’t need to be afraid of going before my work is done.  When I die, it will be time, and it will be ok.  I think that’s part of why my anxiety has been much lower, since the energy work.  My heart is going to be ok until it’s time for it not to be ok.

It’s one thing to decide that with my thoughts–it’s another thing to tell my heart itself, that it’s safe.  My mind can only do so much.  Speaking directly to the energy is so powerful.

During the clearing of my root chakra, I imagined energy that was left there by harmful people crawling out and burrowing into the earth like black cartoon squiggle worms.  I was angry that we needed to do this.

But I’m very grateful my friend blasted the light so bright that the squiggle worms of harm had to go.

questions for discussion

Do you have issues with unwanted energy or congestion in any of your chakras?

How old do you think those squiggle worms were?

Would you do this type of work for a friend?

Is it queerness that prepares us to go off the beaten path and do wonderful, weird things for one another?

Is a park too exposed for this type of clearing my chakras work?

What do you think was happening, when Ming felt something important was changing for me, and he needed to send extra love at that moment?  I have my suspicions!

Who would you be, if someone helped clearing your chakras, they were unblocked, and your chi was flowing all smoothly?  How would you feel?  What could you do?

favorite parts

My favorite part was afterward when Ming came near, and my friend and I held hands.  I enjoyed easing back into regular life, sharing candy.

My other favorite part was feeling how real it is.  Lots of atheists might find energy work silly.  But spirit is as real as anything.

My other favorite part was how light I felt afterward.  I leapt up from the blanket for a goodbye hug, and I felt like I weighed about half my previous weight.  Not in a fatness way–like the old energy was dense as a neutron star.

My other favorite part was lying on the blanket by myself afterward, when my friend had left and Ming went home without me.  I felt like the luckiest person in the world, enjoying chill Oregon summer, loved but alone.

smoke air

Now the bad smoke air is back, from fires, and I’m hiding out indoors with an air filter.  But that day was real.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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