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Hello, reader.  How are you?  I thought of another driving game.  This post comes from an email to a friend.  Thank you for eavesdropping purposefully.  I hope you learn a fun thing to do with conversation, possibly in a car.

driving game

I helped you learn Situation Game that day we went to the lake.  That’s where someone thinks of a situation, and the players take turns thinking of five possible explanations.  It’s a creative game and can be funny.

“There is a roadside produce for sale box, but it has a costume stuffed into it.  Go!” was a nice one.  I can’t remember what kind of costume.  I’m thinking fox, but I can’t recall.  Some kind of reddish mammal?

Gratitude journaling is like a game.  I do it aloud with Ming so then we know what each other most likes and can sift that information into ourselves and help one another get what we most like.  That’s we take turns saying one thing we’re grateful for, until we hit five things, and they can’t repeat.

But we like to do it every day, and it’s ok to repeat the same ones from another day.  Ming usually has “the sun” on his list.

Sometimes I like to do a variation of gratitude journaling where Ming and I list five things we’re proud of ourselves for.  I find it manipulates a reward chemical in a nice way.  It helps me a lot to understand what I value that I did, and I am praising myself, but with Ming’s witness.  It’s just a delicious thing to do.

I’m proud of myself yesterday that I…

  • washed my hair
  • went to the disability justice workshop
  • got movement for my body
  • did good work at the library reading room with Ming
  • I was kind and respectful to people mostly

Trading every other with another person gives pauses and spaciousness.

sorting game

A driving game I forgot about and wanted to tell you….  I remembered last trip that Ming and I were on, a game I used to play a lot with my ex-husband on long drives.  I would list five things, say the rule, and ask him to sort them.

So I would say

  • grapefruit
  • lime
  • apple
  • carrot
  • parsley

and the rule would be “how sour they are.”  So the other player has to put them in sourness order.

Sometimes there will be a question, like, “Do you mean sour for everyone, or sour for me?” and we have to work that out.  It’s nice negotiating.

When I was playing with Ming, he had trouble holding the five things in his head.  That can be a challenge, while sorting them at the same time.  Especially while driving and navigating narcolepsy.

But maybe you would like this game.  It can be funny if we choose cool sorting rules or weird list items.  It’s fun to put an item on the list that doesn’t go with the others and throws off the curve.

I wish you many happy driving times with friends you love.  Maybe one day I will travel with you also.  At the least, I am traveling with you on Parent Earth.

you matter to me,


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