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thank you for your kindness

Ming in pink

Dear Ming, thank you for your kindness to me every day.

Thank you for all the laundry you are doing for our family lately.  I know it’s a lot, especially when I’m on my period and menstruate on my shorts or the puppy pad.  Thank you for your kindness around all my bodily functions, your patience, and for never shaming me, even once.  I appreciate you.

Thank you for letting me write about you and never objecting to the long overshare that is my writer’s life.

Thank you for understanding me for a long time and using your deep intelligence for the forces of good.  Being this understood feels like love.

Thank you for buying me snacks like almond crackers and delicious chips.  Thank you for bringing me a handful of fresh blueberries, delicious breakfasts, bananas, cut up apples, one olive.  Your kindness inspires me.

Thank you for caring about my feelings and moods without trying to change them.

Thank you for driving me around and taking me where I need to go.  It could be a lab downtown for a blood draw–it could be Montana.  I love your yay-saying.  My mom loved that about you too.


Thank you for giving me the freedom to make mistakes.  I like how you never say, “I told you so.”

Thank you for snuggles, cuddles, letting me pet you, kisses, and all the affections.

Thank you for being in charge of technology, fixing things, car maintenance, and keeping track of some things I don’t.  I appreciate that a lot, and I’m sorry I have taken that work for granted.

Thank you for helping me with my projects, almost as a matter of course.

Thank you for respecting my gender, disabilities, queerness, fatness, crazy, changes, and learning.  It’s a lot to keep up with, and you do that with style.

Thank you for accepting my fashion advisements and my gifts, like the sponge bob shirt I bought you impulsively.  I know you love sponge bob, but I had never seen you wear that shade of pink.

You are the best spouse ever, and I love you, marbles or none.

Laura-Marie Cumulonimbus

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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