Dangerous Compassions

trilobite hat

Hello, reader.  How are you?  I embroidered trilobites on Ming’s hat.  It took me a while to start, but I love it.  It’s a trilobite hat.

trilobite hat

The hat is stretchy synthetic material with a slight brim.  This yellow chevron part was just plain and needed adornment.  We got the hat for free from the Little Free Library.  It was leftover from our house yard sale.


Trilobites are Ming’s favorite animal.  And four is my favorite number lately.  Well, I love 23 long term.  But four-ness feels so balanced and sweet lately.

I used to love three.  Now I love four, like a square, legs on a chair, legs on a bed–so solid and grounded.

I embroidered from left to right.  The first two trilobites, I looked at internet images.  The third and fourth, I looked at fossils from Ming’s collection.  That was a lot easier–no need to nudge a screen over and over.  Textures and shadows are nice.

The trilobites I embroidered on the trilobite hat are all two colors except for the second one, which is just lavender.

smiling Asian with green hat

I’d been stuck on another embroidery project.  Feels great to be unstuck.


Trilobites represent survival, to Ming.  I’m happy for Ming’s survival, and I understand symbols that help us live.  They can be healing.

As for me, breasts are one of my favorite symbols.  They represent love, life force, energy, nourishment, pleasure, and reasons to live.  Breasts are featured in a lot of my art, including some art I made recently called diamonds.


sharpie and watercolor on reclaimed product packaging cardstock
June 19 2023
Kalapuya land
Laura-Marie Cumulonimbus Cumulostratus Nopales

Thank you for caring what I make and helping both me and Ming in our survival.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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