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learning about bees

late spring altar

Hello, reader.  What have you been learning about lately?  I’ve been changing a ton.  I hope you like this pic of my late spring altar.  My changes include learning about New Mexico, disability justice and accessible design, opossums, and giant kelp.  But also I’ve been  learning about bees.

I’ve been investigating life in our wet biome here in Oregon.  Yes, I’ve felt curious about many things.  I’m happy my curiosity roams into science, nature, and all of Parent Earth.


The most important thing I’ve realized while learning about bees is that honeybees are not more legit than other kinds of bees.  Somehow I believed that honeybees were the upstanding citizens of the bee world.  All the other bees were lesser-than winged misfits.

How did I get that notion in my head?  Who knows.  Sorry I was wrong–glad to make a better perception.

Now I comprehend that honeybees are one kind of bee among many.  They get a lot of attention for various reasons, such as money, because of their pollination of valuable crops like apples and almonds.

But they are not more useful, good, or legit than other bees.  And they are very beautiful, but not more beautiful.

native bees

That’s an attitude thing.  But I’ve also been learning about bees and plants in relationship.  Like monarch caterpillars only munch milkweed, many native bees are the pollinators of native plants.  Lots of native plants are pollinated by a specific native pollinator, specific bee to specific plant.

I love that.  It makes me want to encourage the native plants and the native bees–all directions.


Here’s my playlist, if you would like to watch some videos too.  Hopefully I’ll add it to over time.

Native bees can look like flies, wasps, honeybees, bumblebees.  Now when I see them in the garden, I feel curious and kind.  I want to stare at them, but they’re gone quickly.  Hopefully I’ll have many years to love all the bees.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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