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Mother’s Day ritual

Mother's Day ritual matials on a a table outdoors

Hello, reader.  How are you?  I did a beautiful Mother’s Day ritual with Ming’s help.  This post is a bit late, but I wanted to show you pictures and tell you how it helped me.

My ritual purpose was to honor the spirit of four mothers I love who have died.

  1. my own mom
  2. a good friend Phyllis Schubert who died last year
  3. my last therapist Tracey Ditmore who died the year before
  4. a priestess friend who passed very recently

Such powerful, surprising, complicated, strong, wonderful women who continue to inspire me every day.  They love and nurture me from the other side.  Thank you, dear mamas.

I had a few other ritual purposes in addition.

  • move some emotions through
  • situate myself in the seasons
  • offer thanks
  • ask for a message
  • mark the holiday
  • ask for help with feeling safe in the world

This Mother’s Day ritual was a win–I got all of that.  Because I wanted to ask for help with feeling safe in the world, a lot of rosemary was involved.  Yes, my favorite protection herb.  Luckily we grow huge bushes of rosemary in our house’s front yard–it’s abundant.

how the Mother’s Day ritual went

It was quite warm and sunshiney, so I only sang one song.  Originally I had planned for two, but I was overheated in the backyard and wanted to get back inside sooner, to coolness.

A favorite part of the Mother’s Day ritual was crumbling the blue egg shell into the water.  Ming and his friend found the used blue egg shell on a hike.  I put it on my altar as a symbol of fertility and the bond of parent and child.  A symbol of the cycle of life.  We no longer need the protective shell, once we hatch.

I submerged my bracelet in the water too.  Felt right.

Mother's Day ritual bowl

Crumbling the egg shell into the beautiful bowl of water felt great, and after the ritual, Ming dumped the water and shell into our garden plot.

I blessed myself with water, and a leaf bit stuck to my forehead.  Nice–I liked the look.

Mother's Day ritual blessing

I read tarot cards and was not surprised that the mothers wanted for me 9 of pentacles energy: to be safe and secure in a physical way, with abundance and ease.  They thought I should get that 9 of pentacles energy via some 7 of pentacles energy.  Yep–I can do that.

I burned palo santo, smelled delicious smells, and told myself how I’m safe and I have everything I need inside of me.  The qualities of those mothers that helped me feel safe and strong are inside of me also and always have been.  I don’t need to cling onto inappropriate people who don’t know how to love, in an effort to be safe.  I can trust myself and Ming that we are ok.


Yes, all that is powerful medicine.  I’m grateful that I could make my own religion and ways of caring for myself, when my culture didn’t teach healing to me.  For my own survival, I had to make my own path.

Much thanks to Ming, these four mothers on the other side, and all the friends and relatives who love and support me in being who I am and continuing on earth as long as I’m needed.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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