Dangerous Compassions

how beautiful Ming is

beautiful Asian enby sleeping

Just in case you forgot how beautiful Ming is, here’s a picture of him in bed.  He was sleeping good, and his armpit is nice.  His beautiful brown hand, his dark elbow, his smooth chest, his serious sleep expression as he moved through dream world.  You’re welcome.

Feeling grateful for all he does and is.  Ming is the person I’ve drawn the most.  Seeing this picture makes me want to draw him again and again.

So grateful to have love, and to have a trustworthy, stable family to thrive in and venture out from to make so many mistakes.

Thank you to Ming, for sure.   And thank you to all of you who witness my mistakes and keep praying for me and loving me, with all these glorious strengths and failures.

photo booth

We were at a queer bar in the afternoon, to check it out a week before my girlfriend’s performance.  We enjoyed looking at the space and performing a rite of passage.

Look at this amazing big mural of a unicorn and yak.  It’s in the lounge room of this bar.  Is that a yak?  Maybe it’s just a goat.

mural of unicorn and yak

There was a photo booth, with five dollars already on it.  Yay!  Yes, it costs $7 for two strips of photos.  So we searched our wallets and found two dollars.  This was the cute result.

strip of four photos kissing

Afterward I had the experience of holding my strip of photos like it was a precious miracle.  Like I couldn’t hold onto it tight enough.  As I crossed the street, I was afraid the wind would blow it away.

Common hoarder mistake–I’m not a hoarder.  But I know that feeling of confusing the object with the experience.

It’s Ming, love, and family safety that I want to hold onto.  Not the strip of photos.  People come and go, and people die.  I’m sorry death is real.

The piece of photo paper is possible to keep–much easier.  The thing that’s precious beyond gold is the love and the people.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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