Dangerous Compassions


“Is it ok with you, if your chakras are cleansed while we’re sleeping?” I asked Ming.  Yes, I’m into consent.

We were going to bed.  Sometimes I like a white noise video like rainstorm, ocean waves, or singing bowls sound bath.  That way we have a better chance of not waking the other up, as we come and go from the room.  This one was for cleansing chakras.

“If it cleanses our chakras, what gets dirty?” Ming asked.

What a good question.  I imagined our chakras glowing in our bodies as we slept.  The video would make soft white cloths come polish our chakras, wiping off some grime.  Then who cleans the soft white cloths?

“Right,” I said.  “If something’s going to get clean, something else needs to get dirty.”

“The cat in the hat taught us that,” Ming said.

“I knew that from other ways,” I said, searching my past for the concept.  But I did like Thing 1 and Thing 2.

little folders

My good zine friend made a post about how to make little folders for organizing small stationery things like stickers.  I was happy and want to share the link with you.

Make your own stickers & ephemera folders

Probably I will sew the edge of mine, because staples are a bother to my senses.  The rough back side freaks out my fingers.


I’m not sure if my chakras are cleansed now.  But I feel mostly ok.

I had some weird intense brief tummy sickness yesterday and wondered if it was morning sickness.  That is very doubtful, but weirder things have happened.  Most of my life, I would have had an abortion, if I found myself unexpectedly pregnant.  These days, not so sure!

Ming renewed his vow of changing diapers, if indeed we do have a baby.  Wow, what a life that would be.  Our baby would be like Thumbleina.  We would be the elder parents where everyone says, “What a beautiful grandchild you have!” and we would be all like–uh, that’s our kid.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, we did a beautiful ritual in the backyard to honor four mothers who’ve passed on to the other side who nourished me in different ways.  I love them very much.

What a great ritual–it moved some things through.  I’ll probably make a whole post about that.  Meanwhile, here’s a pic.

altar set up for ritual

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Laura -Marie, I don’t want tp lose touch with you. Can you e-mail me your address? I woke up recently thinking that I did something really stupid=pledged money on your go-fund-me without filling anything out?-I’d still like to do that, even though it was probably more needed then- I don’t even know if you are still in Oregon. Hope all is well.

Hi! Don’t if know if you got my comment-can you send a current address? Don’t want to lose touch- I believe I screwed up on your G0- Fund -Me I hope not, let me know- Love, Cathleen
I have a hard stime with comment boxes’

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