Dangerous Compassions

I’m gonna love her

smiling fat person

My friend shared this song with me.  Wow, it’s my new theme song.  Thank you, friend.  It’s about one of my favorite topics: self-love.  Yes, let’s be kind to the person in the mirror.  Please give it a listen–I’m gonna love her.

What brilliance.  I’m gonna love her too.

It’s by Aria the Vocalist; Aria is the friend of a poet friend.  Self-love can change everything.  I’ve experienced that.  Hate is poison, for others or for ourselves.


If you want to be happy, stop poisoning yourself with hate.  Outward-pointed hate leads to war, environmental destruction, racism, domestic violence, and all the violence.  Please make a better choice.

Inward-pointed hate is harmful too.  You can choose what to believe about your own body.  For me it took disengaging with most mainstream media to love myself.  I taught myself that fat is ok and potentially beautiful.  It took research and work, to learn that health is for all of us on our own terms, not just for those who fit into narrow parameters.

So much soul searching, to learn that I’m unconditionally ok.  Now that I have those truths, no one can take them from me.

My body is my sacred vehicle for my entire life.  We’re in this together indeed.  Why not be kind?  Loving my body is my joy and an honor.

I model fat liberation every day in community, in my art and writing, and dancing in the yard.  My body is valid right now, exactly as it is, and knowing that is great for my health.  Your body is valid too.

thank you

Always grateful to my mama for forming my sacred body inside of her sacred body.  I miss her today, as I feel Mother’s Day near.  Grief is hard work.

My mom’s disapproval of her own body caused her so much pain.  I witnessed her self-hate.  She wasted so much valuable energy.  When I remember that, I feel extra sure that loving myself with no conditions is the way I’m called to live.  Learning from her mistakes, I honor her spirit.

Thank you to the great thinkers and brave feelers, including poets, musicians, and other artists who speak the truth bravely for all of us.  You help me do the same.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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