Dangerous Compassions

altar tour

Hello, reader.  How are you?  I made a video altar tour.  Would you like to know a little about the things that are on my altar right now?

It’s only true for now.  My altar could be rather different tomorrow.  For example, the little blue mushroom is just passing through, looking for a kind recipient.  The courage candle might only be there a little while longer.  It’s almost burned down, wax spilled into the bottom of the mason jar.

My needs change–I change.  It feels good to stay in motion and filled with Mystery.  My altar reflects that.


How about you?  Do you have an altar?  Would you give an altar tour?

This altar is a shelf, bigger than I needed and expected, but I’m happy to put significant things on it.  The symmetry of having the Virgin of Guadalupe on the left side and Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi on the right isn’t something I planned at all.  But it’s pretty that way.  And the map in the middle.  Yes, New Mexico is in my heart.

Both goddesses have offerings.  Both are tippy top upmost important to me, sacred being to adore.  They help me feel safe and I’m not alone in the world.  I’m always loved and ok.

Strange how an altar can find its own order, without a conscious plan.  I hate when people say we need goals, or nothing will happen in our lives.  My life is full of good things that were not really planned.  A loving heart, good intentions, and good practices can generate their own fruits.

new arts

Also I made this art: Who did you think was more important than you?  It’s sharpie on yellow index card, with some dark red craft paint on the edges.


I’m sorry for when I thought cis white men were more important than me.  That’s partly what this art is about.  I’m sorry for how that harmed my life and the lives of others, when I misplaced trust and adored charming men who used me.

Thank you to everyone who held my hand through years of that.  Thank you for your patience as I learn my worth.

And thank you to whoever left the colorful index cards in our Little Free Library.  I’ve enjoyed them.

I made this art also: Love first ask questions later.

yellow art

I drew my necklace and two dried bean pods I harvested beans from, to plant in the garden.  They were things on my desk.  Then I outlined the paint edge in orange.  Then I cut the unpainted paper off.

Why I layered this on a flier is a long story.  You know I like layering stuff–I find it easier to pull truth from the other side, when something is already on the page for truth to land on.  Is my art a crazy symptom in the DSM?  I bet we could find it!

altar tour

Thank you for seeing my altar tour, which is not too long.  Thank you for enjoying the art I make, and all of my projects.  I hope good things are cooking for you too.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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