Dangerous Compassions


“What are you looking for?  Everything you need is in this bed!  Unless Bunny fell out,” I said.  “Cherche” means search in French.  I think of that word often–not sure why.

It’s like buscar in Spanish.  Those words mean a lot to me.  I can get super-affectionate about words.

Do you have words like cherche and buscar that you adore, reader?  How are you doing today?


Ming had a coupon for a free cookie.  It was bothering me in the glove box.  So he went to the fancy cookie store and bought two cookies.  I guess they were five dollars each.  Wow–so expensive, free cookie.

I advised he cut each cookie in half and freeze the three halves to thaw in a few days.  That way they wouldn’t get stale and get wasted.


He followed my advice, pretty much.  I wrote his name on the ziplock for him, so it would not get lost in the south kitchen freezer.

going meta

Writing comforts me.  I do it alone, and I don’t rely on anyone.  But later I rely on others to read.  I have faith that there will be a reader.  I used to blog for my mama.  Now for Ming.

He reads every post.  I like him to read in the same room as me.  That way if he giggles, I ask, “What was funny?”  His giggle is my joy.

Then once he’s read the whole thing, I ask, “What was your favorite part?”  Often his favorite part is the end.  Sometimes his favorite part is the part I liked best–some nice insight or funny moment.

Occasionally he likes something that surprises me.  Often he likes the part that mentions him, but not always.


I feel grateful that Ming is ok with me writing about him.  Never has he said it was too much, or he was embarrassed.  I’m fortunate that he’s an exhibitionist.  He’s never told me he needs more privacy.

He’s free with himself.  That helps me be free.  Thank you, sweetheart.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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