Dangerous Compassions

my ways

“Are you making fun of my ways?” I asked Ming.

“No,” he said.

I had made some vegan, gluten-free lasagna for the house.  It was a little bit dry, and I was concerned it would get drier.  So I used the spatula to put water on the lasagna from the sink.  I sprinkled the water on the lasagna judiciously, in order to make the lasagna wet.  Ming remarked upon this method.

“Well, don’t make fun of my ways,” I said.  “You have benefited from my ways many a time.”


Do you like lasagna?  I’m sort of giving up on making food for the house that I can eat.  Ming and I made lasagna for house dinner on Monday, a different lasagna than the one I sprinkled water on.  It had a red sauce, so I was not able to eat it.  I used regular pasta too.  There was a large dairy lasagna, and a small vegan one for Ming who can’t have dairy.  I made cashew cream to be like ricotta.

Here is the little vegan lasagna being made–it’s a layer with the cashew cream.  I asked Ming to take a picture.  I put fresh parsley, a little raw garlic, black pepper, and salt with the soaked cashews.  Oh, some nutritional yeast too.

my waysI think it went over well.  We served the lasagnas with salad, white bean soup, and green peas.  I really wanted to make garlic bread, but Ming couldn’t find a loaf of french bread like I wanted.  A housemate made toast.

The salad, we included pea shoots that have been growing on the counter for a couple weeks.  Ming and I brought these seeds from Las Vegas.  We traveled around with them as we had no steady home.  Finally planting them was a big deal–it required a certain amount of faith.  Okay, it’s real that we’ve landed.  Belief comes bit by bit.

pea shoots

It was fun to finally eat some pea shoots, after watching them grow on the counter for so long.  They are tasty, green, full of life.


What a family we have, with strange needs kindly asserted.  My ways can get me in trouble, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Luckily Bunny is watching over us at all times.  What a weird angel we have.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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