Dangerous Compassions

my head

not my head

“Will you pray for my head?” I asked Ming.  “Can you put your hands on my head and pray for me?”

“Yes,” he said.   He touched my head.  “I pray that your head can think the good thoughts.”

“Wait,” I said.  “That’s not what I want you to pray for my head.”

“I pray that your head can feel the good feelings.”

“Wait, no.  That’s not what I need,” I said.  “Can I tell you what my head needs?”

“Yes,” he said.


“My head has all these holes in it.  It has my eyes, my nose, my ears, my mouth.  Those are physical holes.  But it also has holes here and here.”  I moved his hands to my crown chakra and third eye.  “I lose a lot of energy, from my head.  But I also take in a lot of energy,” I said.

I thought of social interactions I do all day: eye contact, words, facial expressions, what I smell, what I taste, hearing a song, eating food cooked by other people.  Ming seemed to understand.

“So what I need for my head is I need it to give energy and take in energy appropriately,” I said.

Ming touched my head.  “I pray you can give energy and take in energy appropriately,”

“Great.  Now can you do my throat?” I asked.  “Can you put your hands on the front and the back?”


Ming put his hands on the front and the back of my throat.  It felt good, and I asked him to move his hands a little higher.

“I pray you can give energy and take in energy appropriately,” he said.

Then he moved to my heart–he touched the front and the back of my heart, at my request.  That felt great too, and prayed the words.

“Can you do my dantian?” I asked.  He did the front and back of my dantian.

“A little further down” I asked.  He did my root.


Very religious people, right?  Usually when I ask Ming to pray for me, he does something silent.  He just gives a little energy and love to me.  But we’re sharing energy all the time, really.  Energy is like germs, but more intimate, if that’s possible.

Hahaha–yeah.  We are like that.  My head–my whole self. 

I hope you have people you’re close to, reader, and you can find ways to pray for what you really need.  I’m fortunate to have Ming.  We stay creative together all this time.

solar plexus

Looks like I forgot my solar plexus.  But I did think of my tummy as a very important energy place, as Ming worked his way down.

I put my hands on the front and back just now–the back was difficult to reach.  And I prayed for myself.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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