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hat genius 26

Hello, reader.  How are you today?  I have a new poetry zine: hat genius 26.

hat genius 26

I’m up for trades.  Please let me know if you’d like one.  The poems are about love, death, homelessness, community.  Some are listy.  They all have a lot of heart.

The drawings are by Ming and me.  I love doing art with Ming, and all the projects we collaborate on.


A longer poem in this zine is The Earth Is My Home.  I put a video of myself reading it up on youtube.

I’m glad I did that–I wasn’t sure that really happened.  But I look on my youtube, and there it is.  Thanks, technology.

This poem What To Do When You Start Getting Dementia is sad.  But this is life, right?  Death is life.  We might as well show up for it.  It’s happening, whether we want it or not.

what to do when you start getting dementia

First apologize to everyone who loves you
for the storm that’s about to hit.
Thank them for the work they’re about to do
as they continue to love you
as you lose your ability to do relationship
and bit by bit disappear.
Then give away everything you own
that’s of any value
while you still know who everyone is.
Kiss everyone you want to kiss.
Decide which pleasures of life
are most important to you.
Then make a pact with the person who loves you
most in the world
that she will keep feeding you blueberries,
pointing out birdsong,
touching your hands.

There are so many ways to die.  Most people don’t get to choose.  That poem is about death and love, and is listy, so hits three of our descriptors right there.


I hope you have all the art and poetry you need to get you through the long haul, dear cherished reader.  So much pain.  We need the pleasures to balance it out.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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