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confusing people helps

Hello–how are you doing?  I was thinking about a question my housemate-friend asked during the disability justice / fat liberation skillshare that I led for my community.  I realized that confusing people helps.

truck dudes

It was the part about dudes yelling stuff at me from their trucks.  I’m happily minding my own business, riding trike.  Some dudes will yell mean things to me.

Often what they yell pertains to my fat ass.  They do not like my fat ass?  Or that’s the problem–maybe they half-like it.  Right?  It’s obviously evoking a response.  Their biology has feelings about my biology.  If it was easy, that would be easy.

My housemate friend asked me if I knew anything that helps, as a response to truck dudes who try to shame me.  Great question.

wonder woman

I said something about responding with love-energy.  Also I mentioned deflecting hate comments with my Wonder Woman wrist bands.  I gestured in that deflecting manner.

My housemate is young, but do young people know about Wonder Woman’s deflecting wristbands?  How about the truth lasso?  That truth lasso is so cool.

fatties against fascism

I also mentioned wearing my Fatties Against Fascism teeshirt.  The truth is, I have two.  One is black with white print, and one is purple with pink.  The purple with pink is so beautiful.  Thank you to Fat Rose for these wonderful wordy clothings.

These clothings have confused many people, even friends.  Honestly I think that confusing people helps.  If someone is knocked out of their usual complacency, they have a fresher mindset which could be more ready to learn.

Like being knocked off balance can give you a fresh way to stand.  Makes sense to me.  We can enter the liminal and do something new there, if we’re fortunate to pop into a good place.

Not saying being confused all the time is a good idea.  I’ve been lost in fog for months–that was a bad idea.  Just microdosing!  A glimpse of confusion might help when stuck in a rut.  Or when someone is being mean.

Maybe if you’re being mean, you would prefer being pushed out of that.  Who wants to be mean?  My guess is few people enjoy that.  So if you can help someone stop being mean to you, you’re doing everyone a favor.

street art

This street art in the alley by the food bank looks Seussian.  Some absurdity in art can be good.  The purpose of art could attest to my idea that confusing people helps.

confusing people helps

Do fish really lean outside their tank with a smile and gesture, to express a cute feeling?  Not so much.  But something in us enjoys seeing that.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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