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witch bingp

Hello, how are you doing?  I made this witch bingo.  It’s an art, sort of a meme–just a trifle.  I thought you might find it amusing, insightful, or what have you.  It could have been a poem or taken other forms.  Bingo card suits me, lately.

Spoiler alert: the witch of witch bingo is me, all of it.  Do you relate to my characteristics?

How long have you held onto your longest held onto twig?  Do you like singing to trains?  What’s your favorite holiday?  What’s under your pillow?  I like protective herbs sometimes.  Or a crystal, to be sure.  I cuddle ideas sometimes, and the ideas can be symbolized in various ways.

I read tarot rather often now.  Anyone can collect rain water–my mom used to, sometimes.  And anyone can pray for cars.  I’ve seen Christians and Catholics do it.  But there’s something witchy in all of us, right?  Or most of us, at least.


It’s time to bury the long-transported hair soon.  I will let you know when that happens.

Imbolc is soon.  The first stirrings of spring are in the womb of the sheep mama–yay.  Hope you have a lovely, if you celebrate my favorite holiday.

And thank you, to the other witches I ask for advice.  Your wisdom isn’t based on being an old white person.  It’s something much more trustworthy than that, deep in your sacred body.  Thank you for who you are, and for your survival, standing up to the world that’s trying to invalidate you every day.  I love you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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