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mystical experiences

mystical experiences

Hey, how are you doing? I was working on a post about mystical experiences here on Listening to the Noise Until It Makes Sense.  Then I decided to shunt it over to my autism blog because it turned out very pertinent to autism.  So it’s being read over there.

It’s confusing to me, how to organize what I make, for the best results and best audience.  I have helpful things to say to the neurodivergent community, and I would like to make sure more neurodiverse peeps find my work.  They could really like it.

So then I ponder, guess, and try some trial and error about how to get my truth out purposefully.  Separate website, working some SEO, where to share what post, emailing stuff to friends who will enjoy and might share with others.  The art show I had, some instagrams.  I try to think of more.

My whole life is one life.  But different people are interested in different pieces.  Some folx in my position might have stuck with poetry, which I went to school for.

Yes, I still write poems as part of my art making, processing of reality, and wellness.  I enjoy my life through that lens.  But I do many other things also.

you matter

What helps you feel like you matter in the world?  Some people work hard to find mainstream acceptance in one field and seek validity by making money or having fame or notoriety in one specific area.

Me, I do not need to do that.  I know my projects and what I’m on earth to do.  My worth has nothing to do with money, and I’m great just as I am.  In motion and always learning.

Money won’t make me safe, and mainstream approval will not make my life meaningful.  Only love makes me safe.  And meaning is something I make every day.

layer of experience

Mystical experiences have been part of my life since I was a young child, and I hear voices all my life also.  Yes, that is a long time.  My voices say some funny things, and I like that layer to my experience.

Likewise, seeing the other world very nearby, glowing two inches behind this world, is a joy.  I pull my art from there, and I enjoy the pocket of Other World that is in my own chest.  Maybe you think it’s weird, but I think it’s wonderful.

I would go so far as to say, I’m sorry for people who don’t hear voices or pop in and out of other worlds.  I am 46 years old, and it’s working great for me.  Other people use drugs to get these experiences.  They seek transformation and maybe even enlightenment in ways of being that are my usual mode of existence.  How fortunate I am, to have no choice but to trip daily.

It’s not like I just started out, and we are in suspense, seeing if I will be ok.   We have established that I am deeply ok.  I’m one of the most ok people I know.  Thank you for noticing that also, dear reader, and showing up to see the results.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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