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power trip

power trip

Hello, this song Power Trip by Klassy matters to me a lot.  I thought you might enjoy it.  Usually music videos don’t make me cry.  Am I having PMS, or is this really sad?  How about both.

It’s about kids in cages, ICE, immigration, safety, racism, love of family.  The system is on a power trip, which enables so many smaller power trip situations.

I like the words, and I love Ruby Ibarra.  Her participation is a bonus.  She spits rhymes like fire.  Yeah!

Thank you to the rappers who share such important truths, especially the ladies and enbies who inspire me that I can rap also and my voice matters too.

god as Mother

I love mothers and Mother worship, as you know.  This song is a way to worship god as Mother, for sure.  Kids don’t belong in cages.  Parents don’t belong separated from their kids.  Love matters, all kinds of love.

Is loving a kid too much?  How about loving an elder?  How about loving another adult, who’s disabled or non?  Are babies ok to interdepend with?  How about dying people?  Am I co-dependent and too much, when I’m caring for a kid?  When Ming falls out of bed and lands on the floor, I rush to him, make sure he’s ok, help him back into bed, and cuddle him until he falls back asleep, and then some.  Is that wrong?

Fuck all the ways my love is pathologized.  Love first–ask questions later.

How about autistic crazy people such as myself?  Doing love with me might be challenging.  I’m not going to respond quite how you might expect.  My feelings might be a weird size or duration.

So be it–I am valid nonetheless.  I’m sorry if it’s confusing.  But here I am, an imperfect, honest, beautiful, disabled animal.


Speaking of my favorite Filipinx rappers…!  This song Rent Money by Bambu with Rocky Rivera is so good too.  Where has this song been all my life?

I guess it’s only been ten years.  Where’s this song been for a portion of my life?

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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