Dangerous Compassions

what do you pray about?

pray about

Hello, what do you pray about?  I was at the beach with Ming on the Oregon coast.  I wanted to pray, dance, get sun, sing.  And I did indeed.

We parked and I cut off part of my shoes–the annoying back strap.  That was satisfying, and my shoes are way better now.  We used the knife of a multi-tool of Ming’s, which worked great!

“Like butter,” Ming said.

Then we walked from the parking lot to the shore.  I cried, missing my mom.  Yes, her ashes are in this ocean, and her spirit is everywhere.  But especially in a red star cloud of Shakti energy, I do believe.


The singing, sunning, and dancing felt like prayer enough.  But with Ming I said a prayer spoken in sentences.  I like Ming’s witness and for him to share prayers with me.  It’s a family activity!

For a long time I’ve known– it’s ok if I pray and no goddess is listening.  At the very least, I hear myself.  Prayer is a way to organize my needs and see what I would say to Mother God, if I could say anything.

Also I like to thank Mother God for my blessings.  I find it very relaxing.  The long list of blessings is like a soft puffy bed I can sink into.  Ah, the ease of listmaking, suffused in gratitude.

I like prayer to feel.  It can help move energy, like other healing modalities.  My own words kindle emotions.  Expressing them means they won’t get stuck.

I like how prayer is something I’ve done countless times over the course of my life.  The repetition creates a pattern.  I can connect to something I’ve done for about 43 years in my own way.  The pattern comforts me.

I like praying myself to a good place, to start in one emotional state and end up in another.  It’s powerful mood improvement.


My prayer at the beach, I was thanking Mother God for when we love someone, and a tiny bit of their spirit gets in our spirit.  It makes a better spirit.

That idea seemed funny.  I laughed for a long time, facing inland, my back to the waves.  Laughter is a really good prayer without words.

I had been thinking about what’s strengthening from my art show.  At the art show, I explained to my friend how her friendship love helped me make the art.  Her being there for me helps me feel strong enough to speak my truth.  So a little tiny piece of her is in my art also.  She seemed happy that a little of her is inside it.

what do you pray about?

What do you pray about?  Do you thank Mother God for your blessings also, and ask for protection, to live on earth as long as you’re needed?

Then Ming and I sat on a log together.  He was the big spoon, sleepy snuzzled on my back.

what do you pray about

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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