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art show

art show

Hello, how are you doing?  Ming and I put up an art show at a local library, then survived the reception.   There are zines, poetry memes, mixed media, art embroidery, and the St Brigid’s Cross of Lavender that I wove from lavender in the garden.

art show

Can I show you some pictures?


Thank you to the helpers.


That’s a Kurt Vonnegut quote page, I made for someone else’s zine.

art show

They were not keen on all the breasts in my art.  Something about kids using the space, and upset parents to pacify?  Hmm!  Pacifiers are shaped like nipples, and nipples a main part of breasts!

I offered to make bikinis out of blue masking tape.  It was fun and thought-provoking.

art along

The tarot artalong embroidery is not done.  I still need justice and the wheel?  But so close.

poetry memes

I like sharing the poetry memes.  The people who helped hang the show put the most edgy ones at the ends.  Wow!  I was planning to hide those ones somewhere near the middle.

art show

I’m glad people are seeing these ideas that mean a lot to me, but are under-viewed on instagram.

art show

  • many people will see my art
  • it might help them learn something new
  • they might comprehend their own life and self better
  • they might feel more freedom to make art in their own ways
  • the gallery is emboldened to show more outsider art
  • people might like what they see and visit my websites or follow my instagram
  • felt difficult to be surrounded by so much Laura-Marie, as we hung the show, rested in the gallery for an hour and a half, then did the reception–too much!
  • I wasn’t prepared for the intense work of listening to strangers talk about their deep things that come up from seeing my art–I needed more consent and caution from others, and more willingness to be rude from myself
  • the feeling of being guest of honor is deeply uncomfortable–like a birthday, but worse!

Art is a good idea.  Art show is a good idea, taking it public.

Next time I will ask Ming more specifically to be my body guard / soul guard.  Multiple secret service friends would be nice.

It’s worth it, to show up and be vulnerable.  But it’s really hard.



By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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