Dangerous Compassions


promise pumpkin

Did you ever promise something to someone, and then time passed, and the promise was gnawing at you?  Gnaw, gnaw like a little mouse gnawing on a hunk of wood.  My promise meant something to me, even if the other person never cared, or if they long forgot it.

So the promise.  I said I would dive into and share some resources about Ming.  Not the human being Ming who we know and love as my life partner and dear spouse.  But a Ming I learned about from a brief community member friend at that farm in Ojai.  We were there for only a month, but that place changed me.

the material

This material talks about Ming as life, and Hsin as heart.  It has to do with Taoist alchemy.  The brief friend explained how an enteral unborn child is eternally held in a womb of love.  There’s a spiritual practice where you can walk around through the world, comprehending that you are always held in love.  It was explained to us as very powerful, almost like a form of enlightenment.

Also it has to do with Jung.  It seems important–not in the way of a flower and a bee, or baking brownies for someone you love.  More it’s important in an esoteric, obscure “read this slowly and many times–in fact, spend your whole life studying it” way.

I like study and do enjoy it.  When I was a kid, I collected translations of the Tao Te Ching.  I liked comparing them and savoring their truths.  There’s something to be said for study.

shut out

But then there’s a way I feel shut out from obscure, esoteric things also.   You know that Thoreau quote about being suspicious of any endeavor that requires new clothes.  Sometimes the esoteric feels like I need to turn into a serious white man in a dusty library, with a long beard and scarf, wearing a tweed smoking jacket with elbow patches.  Seriously, that’s not me.

The difficulty becomes part of it, like the medium is the message.  Feels like gate keeping.  People who are not super languagey can’t get it.  I’m languagey, but the person I love most in the world has a language learning disability.

Information wants to be free.  That means information doesn’t want to be stuck only with rich people and other dominantors.



Here are a few links to more information about the Ming Hsing thing.  Thank you for helping me fulfill my promise.

The Doctrine of the Mysterious Female in Taoism

Hsin Hsin Ming

The Secret of the Golden Flower

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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