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new interview: zines, witchery, power in community

new interview

Hello, how are you?  There’s a new interview up on youtube.  A two person roundtable conversation.  A brilliant witch living in community in the South invited me to speak.

We talk about some of my favorite topics.  My experience as a multi-outsider in the Catholic Worker is great to talk about.  I love what I say about Dorothy Day and how I like her hairstyle, but I’m uncomfortable with how she’s fetishized.  Power in groups is one of my favorite themes.  Zines, responsibility, water, loving the land.  What we mean when we say Capitalism.  I love the ideas about resistance to money worshiping, and how capitalism creates death.  I hope you will give a listen and share.

Listening to the interview again, I’m happy to hear what a good conversation it was.  The interviewer was great at sharing the thread and asking provocative questions.  We were enlivened to one another in a purposeful way.  I hope we talk again.

I like the interviewer’s story toward the beginning about caring for an elder witch friend with dementia as she died.  What I say about carrying trauma from poor boundaries while doing Works of Mercy in community feels important.  All bodies are valid bodies is a concept that I am carrying with me everywhere, lately.

And feeling fog is a way to respect a biome.  Ming and I were house sitting in the Bay Area, and I was looking out upon the water as the interviewer and I spoke.

thank you

Thank you to these people of Snake Village for giving my ideas a home with them, though physically we are far away from one another.  It was fun to send zines in the mail and receive appreciative feedback.  Their brilliance shines.  I love people who are doing something different.  Thank you for taking a chance, wild witches of the South.

Thank you to Ming also, for helping me with tech and for your quiet during this long interview and the other.  What a scheduling error.  I was interviewed by Madness Radio that same day.

Thank you to Ming for helping me eat and do the basics, taking care of me as I recovered for days afterward from the hard social work of connecting and speaking truth for hours.  That’s not my usual day.  I love you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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