Dangerous Compassions

the earth is my home

the earth is my home

Hello, how are you doing?  Toward the middle of the homelessness of me and Ming, I wrote this poem The Earth is My Home.

It’s important to me because it speaks exactly what I was feeling at the time–a clear delivery from Mother God.  It’s about home, putting love at the center of well-being, and having nothing to lose.  Please enjoy this poem.

the earth is my home

I don’t have fever today.
I don’t have cancer that I know of.
both my parents are dead,
so they can’t die.
I don’t have any children,
so my children cannot be taken from me.
I don’t have a home,
so I can’t lose my housing.
I have no valuable jewelry,
so it cannot be stolen.
I have no fortune to be
cheated out of or lost.
I have no property
to be polluted.
I have no van to break down
and need to get fixed at high cost.
I have no job to be fired from.
as you can notice from this list
and the life I choose,
all I have is love.
I have nothing to lose.
all I have is freedom.
it can’t be taken from me.
I never had sanity.
all I have is time.
I can’t be fully imprisoned–
I’m free in my mind.
all I have is love.
love is more than enough.
I’m so rich it’s funny.
there’s no way to tax me.
I have no money.
this tree I rest beside is priceless.
I love my own fat body.
the earth is my home.
I have everything.
I have love.


I recorded myself reading The Earth is My Home.  Then I uploaded it to youtube.

Please view and share.  There are some distant clattering sounds from dishes being put away in the kitchen.  But I think it’s ok.

Thank you to technology.  And thank you for wanting to hear my truth.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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