Dangerous Compassions


“Hey, dear.  Would you still love me if I wore stripey pants?” I asked Ming.

“Yes,” he said.

“Yay!  Well, I’m not sure they will fit,” I said.  “But if they do–thank you for loving me.”

I was lying in bed, thinking about some stripey pants I found in a giveaway laundry basket downstairs.  They’re linen, with black and white vertical stripes.  Linen feels so nice.

color combinations

“What color do you think goes good with black?” I asked.  I was fantasizing about dying them so the white part was a more exciting color.  I could use some tiedye squeeze bottles from the craft store.  It could be easy.

“Not silver and black,” he said.

I pictured silver and black–seemed pretty.  A classic combination.

“Why not?” I asked.

“It’s like a certain sports team,” he said.

“Oh yeah,” I said.  “Well, not yellow.  Yellow and black was my jr high school colors.”  I played on the school basketball team, seventh grade.  Not really a good memory.

“Brown and black is kinda nice.”  I thought of the earth.  “Red and black is terrible,” I added.  “Green and black I can’t stand.  Oh, what about purple?  Purple and black is really nice!”

“Yeah!’ Ming agreed.

“Blue and black is ok.  Like my mitochondria dress,” I said.  I’ve been wearing it sometimes lately, now that it’s colder.


I am a bit early in how I daydream.  The early bird gets the daydream.

Later that day I tried on the pants, but they were too small.  Oops.  But I told Ming that they were just slightly small on me, so maybe they would fit him.  Yes, they go around him ok, but are a little shorter on the leg than he would prefer.

It’s hard to know what to bring, when you’re traveling for a while.  Our warm stuff is all in storage in the Bay Area.  We were housing insecure for four and a half months, summer weather to winter weather.  It made no sense to travel with scarves, in June and July.

Seasons are weird.  Like a different world requiring different gear.


I was suffering for lack of scarf.  I used a bandanna as a scarf, which was better than nothing.

Then my good friend in town rode her bike over here and brought me a scarf as a present.  Wow, I felt so loved–a rainbow scarf.  There’s the physical warmth, and then emotional warmth of queer respect and friendship.

Thank you to everyone respectful and welcoming.  The scarf is stripey also.

stripey scarf

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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