Dangerous Compassions

keep breathing

Hello, reader.  What’s your prayer life, lately?  What do you ask for and thank for?  I ask for help as I keep breathing.


keep breathing

Holy Mother, Mother of God, please bless me today to feel my feelings, work through anxiety, keep breathing, and be kind to myself and others.  Please help me trust I will be ok, no matter what.

Thank you for your promise that you would take care of me, no matter where I am, on this side or the other.  I hold that promise very dear to me, when I fear death, which is so often.


Yesterday I was moving in the sun.  I had to be brave to give my body what it needed, with movement and sunlight, in the front yard of our new home.  Thank you for the bravery you’ve blessed me with, and for all the gifts my ancestors handed me.

Thank you for my body and all the ways it works.  Please help me love myself unconditionally and to trust my body.  Please help me hold onto my personal power as much as I can.  Thank you for my survival thus far, and for all the things I’ve learned.


Please accept all the feelings I don’t need anymore.  I lay them at your feet as an offering of my life force.  I created them for my own safety, but I don’t need them anymore.  Please help me not poison my body with more anger and anxiety than I need.  Thank you for accepting the unneeded feelings so they can be recycled into new energy.

Please help me be who I need to be.  Please help me not let fear or anger stop me from doing what I need to do, and loving all of creation.  When I’m scared and facing adversity, please help me continue to be a good person.  Please help me not put my needs first in a way that harms others.


Thank you for my intelligence and language skills.  Thank you for my honesty and the realness that can be so refreshing about me, but can also get me into trouble.  Please bless Ming and all the ways we interdepend.  Please help me be kind to him and see him for who he is.  Not get confused and mix him up with people who hurt me before, in ways that have nothing to do with him.

Thank you for yoga yesterday.  I love those kind people I meet with over zoom for bodily movement.  They help me feel more stable and strong with who they are and their large, powerful bodies like mine.  Thank you for helping me keep breathing, with them and also on my own.

Please bless my sleep and help me rest with helpful dreams and deep relaxation.  Please help me feed my body what it wants to eat and be kind to my body in every way.  Thank you for my blessings, as I get used to this new biome with its wetness, cold, and different plants and mushrooms.


I put my faith in you.  All the feelings and situations that come and go are ok.  This deep faith helps me endure.  What I truly need, I will have, thanks to you, Mother Earth, shakti energy, the love of my ancestors, community, new possibilities, and life force itself.

Thank you for frozen green beans, so delicious.  Thank you for rice, brusseles sprouts, freedom, delicious water, and all the choices I make.

Please help me balance nurturing choices I make for myself and the rest of the world.  Thank you for helping me learn how not to be a doormat.  Please help me not swing far to the other side.  I don’t want to be mean, rigid, or treat anyone else like a doormat.  Respect is for everyone.  Please help me learn to balance respect for myself with respect for all other creatures.

Please bless this house, all the people, plants, animals, foods, water, machines, medicines, beds, dreams, and needs inside of it.  I send love to the people who were on this land before, here now, and will be in the future.

Thank you that I could learn truths beyond what my family and culture taught me.  Thank you that I’ve found a way to be a writer and artist that works for me.  And that I can model ways of being that might work well for other disabled people and crazy people such as myself.


Please help me learn every day how to honor you and do what’s best for me and the world.  I love you always and dedicate my life to Love.  Please help me stay on a good track of what love is and not get confused in a way that stops my helpful behavior.

Please help me keep breathing, eating, taking a shower, moving, listening, caring, and doing all the activities to keep me well on earth for as long as I’m needed here.  Thank you for this human birth and all the chances that come with it.  I trust you that I get to be a living person for as long as I’m needed as a living person.  No less and no more.

I love you beyond love.  I ally myself with you like a note in harmony with another note.  Thank you for accepting me as your dear child.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Such a beautiful, thoughtful post. Particularly love the feelings section ~ “Please help me not poison my body with more anger and anxiety than I need”. YES. Very inspiring words. 🙂

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