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Hello, how are you doing?  Sunning is part of my wellness.  I prefer to sun daily.  But I forgot about it for a while.


Vitamin D, psychological benefits, nature time, prayer moments of sky loving.  Feels great, and I think about my mom sunning.  She loved the feeling of sunshine on her skin.  She would close her eyes and say, “Ah, feels so good.”

Do you forget your needs and what helps you stay happy?  I forget and remember, forget and remember.  I have mad maps and lists, but somehow I still manage to forget.

We are moving to Oregon tomorrow.  There’s a reputation for lots of rain.  If I get depressed from gloom, I’ll need a SAD light like my friends.  Or maybe the house keeps a SAD light in a common area.

moving to Oregon

Please celebrate–our first choice housing co-op said yes.  We were in southern Nevada at the Goddess Temple when we got the great news.  So we were overjoyed and began our journey north.  We left the Goddess Temple much sooner than planned.

At the moment, we’re paused in Chico, California.  Seems magical here.  The rain yesterday was beautiful.

I visited an old friend on her porch.  She makes amazing zines and is a witch like me.  Those two hours outside together were a great way to feel the season.  The sun came out for a moment, so I stripped down to my undershirt and danced in the light.

prayer request

Ming and I asked for a three month trial, at the housing co-op that accepted us.  And that’s what we were given.  I hope everything is great, and we live there for years.  Please keep us in your prayers for a happy transition.

Here’s my to do list.

  • be kind and clear
  • don’t take on too much too fast
  • get plenty of alone time
  • rest
  • feel the rhythms of the place
  • track my own needs
  • keep my head up and gently advocate for me and Ming
  • establish good habits like frequent yoga
  • write letters and stay connected with friends in my favorite ways

It’s easy for me to get swept up in the needs of others.  But we need to recover from homelessness.

There’s chores, cooking, and gardening to do.  But a benefit of this place is it’s not a Catholic Worker house.  We’re not running a non-profit or co-doing Works of Mercy.

I hope to get lots of rest and have zero sense that I’m not doing enough.  I’m glad my home will not be my workplace.  Plenty of energy to do love in my own ways is my goal.  Writing, art making, radical mental health, and who knows what else?  I’m excited to see what happens when I can follow my own paths.


Are you feeling happy and getting what you need?  Do you like your home?

Do you enjoy sunning?  Some say to avoid the sun because of the possibility of skin cancer.  But life is full of competing risks.  I risk skin cancer in order to have emotional stability.  Ming helps me make sure I don’t have weird moles.  You never know what will get you.  We live, balancing the needs and the fears.

Last night I dreamt of bad bugs and my teeth were rotting–my classic stress dreams.  Travel can be too much work.  Our life will change a lot, when we arrive at our new home tomorrow.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Hi Laura Marie! So excited that you guys have found a new home! Phew!
I have had a sad light for 30 years and you can are one really cheap. Buy a shop light at lows or home depot, sometimes very cheap, but should have a cord and plug. Then buy 2 neon “full sprectrum” light bulbs, maybe called sunlight bulbs. You can lean it against the wall in the morning. Important that the light hits you in the face for 30 minutes, perhaps while you are reading.

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