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guardian angel

guarding angel

“Our guardian angel deserves a raise!” I told Ming the other day.  “They have been working so hard to keep us safe!”

Ming liked my idea.  We are so fortunate.  But how do you give your guardian angel a raise?

We mentioned this idea to our friend, and our friend said to be thankful.  Yes, I agree.  I’ve been wanting to do a few rituals.  One is to express thanks.


Travel is a classic Danger thing to do, and folx pray for safety.  My mom always worried when I was traveling and wanted to know I had arrived safely at my destination.  I think it’s mostly a fear of car wrecks, but there are other dangers of travel.

  • illness away from home
  • violence
  • theft
  • natural disasters
  • running out of money in a bad way
  • food poisoning from mishandled food
  • getting sick from the water
  • elevation sickness
  • taking a wrong turn and ending up in Kalamazoo

My dad used to say “Keep the shiny side up” as a blessing for safe travels.  He was a mechanic, and cars were dear to him.


True, I did have my ulcer bleed while Ming and I were visiting friends in Arizona.  Travel can stress the body and mind, and there are different risks than at home.

But travel is one of my favorite forms of learning.  Just seeing a new landscape is learning.  I can also learn about

  • the people
  • local culture
  • different foods
  • local music
  • new animals and plants
  • how it smells there
  • the history
  • what I value
  • how I react to new places with new feelings

Lately I’ve been learning a lot about outdoor kitchens, outdoor showers, and ways of taking care of basic needs besides what I learned in my family as a kid.

I love outdoor kitchens!  I want to make a zine about them and about what Ming and I learned during our month at that permaculture farm in Ojai.  Just that month alone was filled with such richness of new ideas and experiences.  (I’ll let you know when we finish the zine.)


I plan a ritual to thank our guarding angel, Parent Earth, ancestors, and the universe in general for all the goodness in our life lately.  The stress and struggle are real.  Justice matters.

The joy and pleasure are just as real.  I promise to share about the ritual with you.

rose quartz angel

We are housesitting for friends.  This is the little bedside altar I set up our first night here.  Worship helps me feel grounded and safer to sleep.

guardian angel

Feelings are important.  Comfort is so necessary.  I love what humans do to comfort ourselves in nourishing ways.

If angels are real, that’s great.  If they are an interesting idea, I approve also.


Oh ps, what if Bunny is our guardian angel?  Here’s Ming sleeping with Bunny’s support.

bunny angel

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