Dangerous Compassions


“I like to be loyal, responsible, and steady,” I told Ming.  “This housing insecurity is uncomfortable.  I’m like–what about this place?  What about this place?  I feel…like a social butterfly, but for housing.”

Ming was driving as we ran errands.  This was a couple weeks ago in Oregon.  He seemed to understand my meaning.

“I don’t wanna be like that,” I continued.  “When we lived in Las Vegas, I was very settled there.  Seven years!  It took a lot to make us decide to leave.  I’m a loyal person.”

“Yeah,” Ming said.

“It’s uncomfortable for me, to be this unsteady person,” I said.  “I want to be the loyal person I am.”


It reminds me of For everything, there is a season.  Some times are for settled and loyal behavior–some times are for more exploring.  Sorry it’s uncomfortable, Laura-Marie.

I always liked this song as a kid, from before I was born.  Cool song for kids or anyone!

If we’re going to have a lot of Christianity around, we might as well have cool songs about a time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together.

I was nuts about Ecclesiastes as a kid.  Vanity and vexation of spirit is everywhere!  We didn’t read it in school or Sunday school.  I had it deliciously to myself.

Alone in my room, I was reading about how no matter what we do, we’re all going to die anyway.  Oh, little philosopher dear.  These ideas helped form my world view, for better or worse.


It’s a trip to read it now as an adult.  It’s been a while.


Speaking of loyalty, I made this poetry meme.  Do you like my art?  I was having a strong feeling about a man I loved before, and how he played me.  Ouch, I was hurting from his deceit.

Then the feeling got some words to it and crystallized into this truth: If he lies to other women, he will lie to you.


Yes, I thought we were good friends.  I’m loyal and a reasonable person, so why would he lie to me?

How naive.  Oh, if only people worked that way.  He lied to everyone, as it suited him.  He had performances, not integrity.  I thought he only lied when painted into a corner–I don’t paint people into corners.  Nope, he lied all around, especially to the women who loved him.

The sea turtle is public domain, and I put it through a filter and threw words on it in google slides.  That’s my standard way of making poetry memes.  Your way may vary.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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