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narcoleptic pickup lines

narcoleptic pickup lines

Hello, how are you doing?  As you know, my spouse Ming and I are both disabled and cute.  We respect all bodies as valid bodies, at any cuteness level.  We interdepend all day, but disability is still hard work.  Levity is de-escalating, insightful at times, fun, connective, healing.  I thought you might enjoy some narcoleptic pickup lines.

narcoleptic pickup lines

Did it hurt?  Did it hurt, when you fell out of bed on your butt?

I must be sleeping too, because you’re my dream come true.

Is that an energy shot in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

You must’ve got your beauty sleep last night, this morning, this afternoon, and this evening, because you’re the most beautiful nonbinary person I ever saw.

Did you just take a stimulant, or was that a cute pill?

Can I get your phone number?  Can I get the phone number of your sleep doc?

Are you stimming to stay awake?  Or are you stimming to emotionally self-regulate in a world that prioritizes the comfort of abled people over the survival of disabled people?

Do you find me boring?  Or do you find me safe and compassionate enough to let your guard down with?  Thank you for being yourself with me.

Have you ever heard that friendship makes the best medicine?

Do your wellness goals include intimacy with a fox goddess such as myself?

Would you like to sleep together?


Yes, these narcoleptic pickup lines might work well for you, should you desire to ally with brilliant, beautiful hypersomniac disabled person with brain fog, executive dysfunction, and who might collapse when they feel a strong emotion.  Catalepsy is a bear.

We all need love, in our own ways.  Thank you for respecting all people as a necessary part of loving one another.  Good luck!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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