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Hey, how are you doing?  Ming and I went to the beach.  It was my first time visiting the beach in Oregon.  Felt special!  We went to Heceta Head, and I fell in love with a bridge.

Isn’t it beautiful?  I stared and stared.

We looked at the ocean waves.  We walked by this creek and wondered how polluted it was.  I liked looking at rocks, shells, plants.  I dodged other tourists and praised Mother God for the beauty of life.

And how amazing, what people do as feats of engineering.  Here is some info about this specific bridge.


It has these pretty arches.  It has something in common with a bridge I art embroidered a few days before, as part of friendship artalong.  The commonality is almost spooky!


Did I conjure this bridge?  Hmm, I’m pretty sure it predates me!


I noticed some weird things about this bridge.

  1. There were no people living under it or signs that people had been living under it.
  2. Almost no graffiti.
  3. Zero birds had built nests under it.

Wow, what the fuck.  How could a bridge have no people, graffiti, or cliff swallows?  It was like a violation of bridge-ness!

Lack of people could just be security patrol.  Lack of graffiti could be…  I really have no idea.  People have artistic urges.  The spirit to express and communicate cannot be destroyed!

But I wondered if the creek was so full of pollution that the birds didn’t want to be there.  Maybe the contaminants like agricultural runoff chemicals went into the air and harmed the birds.  Or they drank the water in the creek and died before they could build a nest and lay eggs in it.

mystery solved

Mystery possibly solved–there’s a special coating on the bridge with a sacrificial anode to keep it from corroding.  Maybe the birds don’t care for the coating?

Have you ever fallen in love with a bridge?  I love trikes, pallets, pipes, tractors, trash and guttermancy, and I must admit I’m crazy about trains.  Bridges can be very amazing too.

I am so grateful for bridges as one of my favorite aspects of socialism.  If we’re going to have a state, I hope it can facilitate travel, libraries, postal service.

My mom was terrified of travel over bridges.  So I hope I’m healing her trauma with love.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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