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pray USA

pray usa

Hello, I saw this sign Pray USA with an American flag, beautiful landscape, and beautiful sky.  We were driving on a rural road in southern Oregon, west of Eugene.

I asked Ming to turn around and take this picture because I wanted to write a blog post about my pray USA prayers.

pray USA

I pray USA will become less violent.  Please, Mother God–help the people stop doing domestic violence.  Please stop international war violence.  And please stop police violence to all people, including people of color, disabled people, homeless people, drug users, sex workers, and all of us, your beautiful, sacred children.

Please stop the violence against immigrants and refugees.  Children, teenagers, women, men, nonbianary people, elders.  Please protect the people of all languages, religions, skin colors, cultures, ages, sexualities, and genders.

Please help us stop prison violence and injustice, and set the captives free.  Stop the war on drugs, as it’s a racist, ableist mess, and drugs won a long time ago.

better choices

Please help people comprehend that violence isn’t a necessary evil.  We can make a better choice every day.

Please stop the violence of capitalism.  I don’t want to compete with anyone for the resources of money, food, shelter, healthcare, and comfort.  We all deserve that.  No one deserves it less.

Please help all people stop violencing Mother Earth.  May all people learn to respect all creatures, the water, the air, and the land.  Please help us keep it in the ground.  May we all learn how the value of life is not measured in dollars.   Clean water, air, and earth are priceless and belong to all of us.

All organisms deserve health, and Mother Earth does too.  Please help all people learn deep respect and to consider the needs of all, not just themselves or their nuclear family.


Please touch the hearts of haters, and transform their hate into a more useful energy.  Help us heal racial harms, the hatred and othering of transgender people, hatred of disabled and fat people.  Please help us all see one another as worthy and valuable.

Somehow Mother God, in your unfathomable love, heal the psychiatric industrial complex.  Please stop forced holds and all non-consensual medication.  Please stop abuse in hospitals, and level the power in medical situations.  I cry out for your love to psychiatrists, nurses, pharmaceutical companies, drug reps, CNAs, techs, lab workers, the janitors and maintenance workers in all facilities, and the patients who are helped and harmed there.

Also please bless with love everyone in eating disorder clinics, substance abuse clinics, rehabs, 12 step meeting spaces, on the streets, under bridges, in group homes and shelters, in prison, in jail, in ICE facilities.  Please bless the workers, the victims, the survivors–the harmed, the harmers, and everyone who does any amount of help.

Please bless the drug users, the addicts and alcoholics, harm reductionists, needle exchangers, narcan distributors.  Mother God, please bless the street medics and radical mental health people like me and Ming.

Thank you for hearing my cry, that people like me with diagnoses can say no, say yes, have agency over our own bodies, get the treatments we choose with abundant consent, and enjoy being valued as worthy, valid people.

thank you

Mother God, thank you for our blessings and all our resources to do good in the world and show up for one another.

Please bless us as we show up with honesty and clarity, to do the work of love and stay real with all people.  Please help us use the gifts our ancestors gave to us for the benefit of all.

We love you always.  Thank you for helping us perceive our work in the world and do our work with kindness.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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