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what you could do for me

what you could do for me

Hello, how are you doing?  It’s my birthday!  I’m so glad to be alive.  Thank you contributing to my survival.  I was thinking about what you could do for me, should you care to give some blessing gift or support my projects.

These are my main projects.

  • art making, including art embroidery
  • writing–zines and blogs like this one and I Like Your Stims
  • radical mental health
  • disability justice
  • fat liberation
  • all bodies are valid bodies
  • activism
  • authenticity
  • life with Ming
  • our attempts at making a better world
  • community
  • Disabled Resilience Permaculture
  • our search for home

Wow, we have a lot of cool projects!  I never see it listed out like that.  Here are some ideas of how you can help.

share this blog with friends

Sharing this blog in general or a post you particularly like is a way to support my work.  I don’t have adverts set up that benefit me with money for views.  But my whole goal is to have readers for this work.

Please share my writing with people who might be interested, stimulated, delighted, comforted, challenged, offended, validated, inspired to action.  People who are doing similar work and might like to collaborate.  Orgs who have similar values and might want to collaborate.

More minds engaging these ideas is my goal, to help make a better world.

view, comment, link to

If you view, comment, and link to my work, that helps the SEO.  The internet thinks my work is pertinent, and wants to make it more pertinent.  SEO is weird!  I partly comprehend it.

This is my favorite video lately, with ideas that mean so much to me.  Please view, like, subscribe, comment, share, or whatever feels ok to you.  All those activities are what you could do for me, to help further my projects.

Please click on the CC button for captions, if seeing the words helps you hear.  The auto-generated captions are pretty good!


Please consider trading zines with me!  A link trade might be possible too.  Or I could trade you zines for produce, pecans, postage stamps, rice, oatmeal, delicious olives?

Work trade can be nice.  I could cook you delicious food, and you could massage my neck and shoulders.  I could embroider a tractor for you, and you could help us move, or teach me how to play a new musical instrument.

prayer, checking in, encouragement

Please keep us in your heart and prayers.  Consider checking in with us to see if we’re ok and need anything

Please let us know how we’ve made a difference in your life and any way we helped you.  That kind of encouragement-care helps keep us going.


Paying our cell phone bill, petrol for our car, web hosting or domain names, car insurance, or a grocery bill would help us.  Disabled life is hard!

We got help with our moving expenses from the gofundme.  That was so heartening and lessened the blow.  Thank you to everyone who chipped in, in all the ways you did.  We have more spaciousness and less debt, thanks to you.

help with implementation

Friends send me info, and I appreciate the thoughts.  But I need more help with implementation.  So that type of specifically desired help would be wonderful.  Not a list of storage units in this part of Oregon, but an offer to help us transfer stuff from the storage unit in San Jose to a storage unit in this part of Oregon.

“I have more than enough info,” I told Ming.  “I’m drowning in info!  I need help with implementation.”

“You need an information flotation device,” Ming said.  “An IFD.”

I laughed, imagining myself afloat with an IFD on TMI.

pay it forward

Love the people who are near you skillfully, and help them in the ways they ask for, on their terms.  Respect all people, including…

  • disabled people
  • fat people
  • queer and trans people
  • nonbinary people
  • all genders
  • all ethnicities and races of people
  • autistics
  • people you don’t understand
  • people with values like yours
  • and unlike yours
  • people who are like you
  • people very different from you

Different is ok, and diversity is a great way to learn and find more strength.  Thank you for loving who you love, whether it’s us or others.  Or otters.  River otters or sea otters.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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