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my day in lists

Hello, thought you might enjoy to hear my day in lists.  Ming took this super cute picture of Beatrice the other day with her tongue out.


songs I sang to the goats this morning during milking

Here are the songs, in order!

  1. Love Will Build a Bridge by the Judds
  2. All We Got Is Each Other by Ghost Mice
  3. The Good Life by Paul Baribeau (extra emphasis on the goat verse)
  4. Critical Hit by Ghost Mice

It was a good milking.  Beatrice gave almost a quart and a half.

I wish I sang the Paul Baribeau version.

But I sang the Ghost Mice cover.  The tune is different.

Ghost Mice is a band I loved a long time ago, and their music is part of my soul.  Unfortunately, the man who dominated it–turns out he’s a sexual predator.  But the songs are still here.

foods I ate today
  1. oatmeal with peanut butter and molasses
  2. rice and beans with coconut milk, chiles, tomatoes, carrots from this farm
  3. two Asian pears sliced up
  4. local coho salmon
  5. rice with Earth Balance and salt
  6. more of the lunch rice and beans heated up on the stove with olive oil
  7. gluten free crackers with cashew cheese
  8. gluten free pumpkin spice cookies

I’m not a real vegetarian anymore, since my ulcer bleed three and a half years ago that almost killed me and left me very anemic.  When I got home from the hospital barely functional, I tried eating fish, hated it, stopped, and started again.  I was desperate for iron, energy, and functionality.

Many people guess or assume that Ming and I are vegan, maybe since I used to be, I’ve made vegan cookzines, and we love vegan food?  But nope–not even a real vegetarian.  I have fish, shrimp, and eggs.  But I still don’t eat other animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, spiders, insects.

I’m working on a blog post about what I learned from my years being vegan.  It feels vulnerable to talk about, so I’m waiting to post it.  Waiting until I feel strong.

clothes I wore today
  1. black knit skort
  2. black knit tank top with lace edge
  3. chonies
  4. silver cloth for the place between my abdomen and mons
  5. forest green Teva sandals I wear I just about daily
  6. snake necklace
  7. colorful knit hair scrunchie

What do you think of these lists?  Here’s Ming reading a previous blog post, looking beautifully serious in the trailer we call home.


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